Forty years ago, the Falkland Islands were the kingdom’s last “military glory” – the world

“When you are at war, you cannot allow difficulties to control your thinking.” like him Margaret Thatcher in her memoirs Reminds of the difficult decision to intervene militarily in the South Atlantic to recover the Falkland Islands in 1982, which were invaded by the forces of the Argentine military dictatorship, which renamed them after their Spanish name Malvinas.

The 40 years since the end of that conflict which may be considered the last great individual military glory of the United Kingdom which is celebrated as such by institutions and especially by veterans’ associations, and even more so when one considers that London is engaged in close military cooperation and in the supply of arms to ‘Ukraine invaded by Russia. The campaign of naval and land forces commanded by the then conservative Prime Minister, even against the will of the American allies led by President Ronald Reagan, reached its goal two months and twelve days later (April 2 to June 14, 1982) with the return of overseas territories under the motherland, The humiliating defeat of the forces of Buenos Airesand budget Fell nearly a thousand255 Britons and 649 Argentines.

The war is over but The long dispute over the islands has lasted for decades. There is no shortage of similarities with current events. In London, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson was compared to Thatcher: how she is going through a period of intense internal difficulties, with her shaky leadership, choosing to present herself as Volodymyr Zelensky’s closest Western leader to Ukraine, someone suggested expressing a “Falklands Moment” by Pogo.

However, if Johnson’s willingness at the beginning of the war in the European country to support Kyiv has strengthened him within his Conservative Party and even in relation to the opposition, prolonging the fighting is against his interests, this was also seen on the occasion of the recent vote of no-confidence approved by the Prime Minister among Tory MPs but with some difficulty.

Other similaritiesThese can be found in a recent statement by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, who likened Vladimir Putin to General Leopoldo Galtieri: To invade the Falkland Islands he “sent young soldiers to die for personal political reasons.” While it must be remembered that the royal family also played a role in the conflict, With Prince Andrew he participated in the front lines as a helicopter pilot And even recent ornate scandals and the abolition of military ranks and titles have obscured his contribution as well.

However, there are significant differences from the past. there The Iron Lady fought a lowly enemy Compared to Russia, especially in two months he finished the match. However, the fallout from those weeks of iron and fire lingered.

Buenos Aires, even with current President Alberto Fernandez, repeated the national motto, found almost everywhere, from institutional offices to road signs: “The Malvinas is Argentine.” Accordingly, Malvinas’ claim really remainsconfirmed by international organizations net spherical revenge obtained by Mano de Dios for Maradona at the World Championships 1986 in the quarter-finals between Argentina and England. Tensions between London and Buenos Aires have not been lost in recent years: the oil fields off the islands, for example, and in general the bilateral relations that characterized that war have not yet been entered into the history books have worried.

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