Gf Vip 6 Soleil Paparazzata rises to the sea while kissing her boyfriend (PHOTOS)

Fresh from the short raid A Celebrity Islandwhich happened last week, ex jevina Soleil rise She returned to Italy and took a few days off at sea, apparently in the company of her boyfriend Carlo.

influencer Dianera MarzanoIn fact, a while ago he posted some pictures of Soleil In the company of a boy, he seems to be very complicit with him. In fact, the two first appeared near the beach and then took a dip in the sea, getting into rather intimate situations.

According to a report arrived Dianirathen, the two of them would also have accepted: “Soleil At sea she was kissing with this boy‘, actually wrote a user on the beach.

It seems that the man in question Charlesthe boy who has been engaged to Sulei since before he entered the house of Gf Vip 6.

The most attentive, in fact, would definitely remember how SoleilDuring his stay on the reality show he hosted Alfonso GentlemenShe has repeatedly stated that she is having an affair outside the home and on several occasions has also revealed her doubts about the fact that her boyfriend has been waiting for her as he watched the intimate scenes with her. Alex Bailey.

However, once you get out of the reality show, Soleil he goes up She reassured everyone by saying she was still engaged and found him Charles Outside the loft Cinecittà. On that occasion he goes up She has also made it clear that she wants to keep her private life away from the cameras as much as possible which is why she has not shown herself in public with her boyfriend.

It was precisely this secrecy that made many believe that their story was over, but the love story between the two continues at full speed.

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