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There is no greater joy than the birth of a child: Ornella Muti She wanted to welcome little Eduardo by sharing a very cute picture on social media and thus announced that she had become a grandmother again. For an actress, this is Fourth grandson. But passion is always the same, unmeasured.

Ornella Muti Grandmother Again, Advertising

In the past few hours, Ornella Muti announced The birth of his granddaughter, Eduardo, the son of Andrea Facinetti and partner Carola. Great is the happiness of the whole family, who welcomed the newcomer with open arms. The actress also wanted to celebrate on Instagram, posting a few ultra-thin shots of her sitting in front of the stroller, in sweet contemplation of the baby – who He presses his finger with his little fist.

This is the fourth grandson: Edward – He wrote a comment on the beautiful pictures, thus revealing the name chosen by the parents – “You can only see his little hand wrapped around his grandmother’s finger. Children are sacred and should be protected through social media.” With great care, Al-Muati made sure that the grandson’s face was unframed. Confidentiality is importantEspecially when it comes to children, and in any case, the decision to show the child should be made only by the mother and father.

Nike Rivelli, the eldest daughter of Ornella, also posed happy on instagram. Among her stories, she first shared adorable photos of Muti in the company of her grandson, then posted some photos of the new mother holding her little Eduardo – again well protected from flashes. it’s a great sweetness pictureWhat emerges from the photos: The family enjoys these one-of-a-kind moments.

Ornella Muti, her son Andrea became a father

Andrea Facinetti and Carola They became parents to little Eduardo, at long last. To announce the pregnancy, a few months ago, Andrea was Andrea’s partner: giving fans an adorable photo with the baby bump, she revealed that she was pregnant some time ago. The couple lived these magical moments in complete secrecy, what has always distinguished them. Except for the gospel – Granny Ornella obviously shares it right away – they both kept quiet throughout the pregnancy.

For Muti, this is the fourth grandson. The actress has three children: Nike Rivelli, born to a mysterious lover whose identity has never been revealed, and Carolina and Andrea Faccinetti, as a result of her second marriage to Federico. The eldest daughter has always been Akash’s mother born in 1996. Instead, Carolina gave birth to two beautiful children, Alessandro and Julia, with partner Andrea Longi. The latter, after a very difficult battle against the tumor, died in 2020 leaving a terrible vacuum in the whole family.

A void that only the innocent smiles of children can try to fill: Ornella Muti and her daughter Carolina have grown together, looking forward to the well-being of their family. And the Little Edoardo’s arrival It can only help bring back some happiness and a more peaceful future.

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