Goodbye Russian Energy: Here’s Italy’s Energy Plan

The scientific group “Energy for Italy” presented a document urging enterprises to urgently adopt an energy emergency plan to free Italy from dependence on Russia in the field of energy. The plan focuses on replacing hydrocarbons with electricity from renewable sources. It assesses the feasibility and benefits you can derive from it, and reach the decarbonization targets set by the European Union for Italy.

The Three Slavery: Gas, Coal, and Oil

The document begins, Russia is the only country on which Italy relies on all fossil sources: it The first national supplier of coal (3.6 million tons of oil equivalent) e of gas (24 Mtoe), and a third of the oil (8.4 million tons). In particular, 40% of the gas used in Italy, 12% of oil and 52% of coal come from Russia. These flows of resources on the one hand, and money on the other, continue, despite the horrific conflict that Putin launched against Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

According to Analytics group of scientists involved in energy and climate issues (among them Nicola ArmaroliAnd the Leonardo City And the Vincenzo Balzani who presides over it) «lItaly’s current heavy dependence on Russian fossil fuels could be eliminated or significantly reduced by activating Energy and Climate Contingency Plan Which radically transforms the energy situation in the country“.
energy for Italy
Leonardo City, left, and Nicola Armaroli

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Homes and cars, all in a tap

According to the energy analysis of Italy, it will be necessary to bring to Renovating at least 430,000 homes each year between now and 2030. This will result in 3.5 million insulated homes and no more boilers. It will be necessary to eliminate dependence on Russian oil Replacing 3 million thermal cars With many electricity. So we should go from 60 thousand Battery electric cars (veb) sold each year (4% of about 1.5 million new cars purchased) No less than 350 thousand.

Double the generation of renewable electricity

for Turn off thermal power plants Today it is powered by Russian coal and gas equivalent to about 53 TWh (TWh) out of a total of 278 (Imports)
excluded) necessary Double the generation of electricity from photovoltaic cells and wind energy (from 33 to 66 gigawatts). Of these, about 10 will come from in-home photovoltaics resulting from the building renovations listed above.

Also considering the additional consumption due to homes and electric cars, we must pass From 40% today to 66% of our electricity comes from renewable sourceswhich is an estimate that closely matches recent estimates future electricity proposals (Confindustria). All this by 2030.

Emissions, 27 million tons less

This radical transformation will allowGet Eliminate at least 16 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector, 4.5 million issued by cars Electric car replacement, e 6.9 million private homes From the gas boiler, to At least 27.5 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, which contributes significantly and stably to the achievement of national and international climate goals“.

But the government is already taking old paths

In the face of the European war crisis, the Italian government stresses the provision of energy to Italy”He keeps the national energy policy unchanged, searching both in other places and underground for the same types of fossil sources that arrive today from Russia, thus ignoring the historical opportunity to switch to renewables.The”.

Full analysis available over here.

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