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16.00 Double the advantage of Leo Hayter! He’s 4’15” in the next trio! He’s like a train!

15.58 He is still succeeded by the trio of Lenny Martinez, Romain Gregoire (Groupama-FDJ) and Linert van Eetvelt (Loto Soudal).

15.56 The brother of the Ineos-Grenadiers rider managed the situation perfectly, conserving all his energy for the last 30 kilometers.

Another 15.53km for Leo Hayter, who is increasingly heading for his second successive success in this U23 race in Italy.

15.51 The British are 7 kilometers from the finish!

15.48 today would have been the stage for a U23 Giro d’Italia output, and today Hayter was understood to be really strong.

15.45 Mamma Mia Leo Hayter! The pink jersey is 2’05 inches tall over three direct competitors Lenny Martinez, Romain Gregoire (Groupama-FDJ) and Lennert Van Eetvelt (Lotto Soudal).

15.44 isn’t really a complicated rally, as the average gradient is 4.3%.

15.42 The last rise of Leo Hayter’s pink jersey begins!

15.40 From Bormio there will be 12 kilometers to go to the finish line.

15.37 2 km from the start of the climb to Santa Caterina Valfurva.

15.35 Romain Gregoire (Groupama-FDJ) and Lennert van Eetvelt (Loto Soudal) arrive at Lenny Martinez (Groupama-FDJ), flagged at 1’10” by Leo Hayter.

15.34 Riccardo Cioccarelli ran away, now more than three minutes later than Leo Hayter.

15.32 We haven’t reached the last climb yet, anything can happen.

15.30 go away! Leo Hayter is leaving! Martinez is now very tired and the British are flying away!

15.29 The reunion arrives! Hayter brought back Martinez! Let’s see if he’ll breathe for a moment or prefer doing everything himself to the finish line.

15.28 It seems that the tread is no longer there! Its fringe drops dramatically to 25″ from Hayter!

15.27 The pink shirt is in a very strong comeback! The Briton is just 47 inches behind Lenny Martinez (Groupama-FDJ).

15.26 And be careful, because now Leo Haiter is pushing to the limits! Grégoire resumed his appeal, then preferred to go on his own, leaving behind a transalpine and Van Eetvelt, now struggling. 20 km to the finish!

15.25 Meanwhile, another group at 4’30”, made up of Fernando Tercero, David Biganzulli (Iolo Comita), William Lesserve (Loto Soudal), Robin Thompson (Groupama-FDJ), Felix Engelhardt (Tirol-KTM) Watton Cleanins (lift).

15.23 Attention, as Ciuccarelli slowly loses contact with Hayter and Van Eetvelt, with the British rushing to capture Grégoire.

15.22 Photo of Leo Hayter, in a pink T-shirt, stretching the slopes:

15.20 Now acquires the pink jersey trio on Romain Gregoire. The dangerous work of the French.

15.17 Now Lenny Martinez is managing his energies. In fact, his pursuers gain a few seconds.

15.15 behind the trio with Hayter, Ciuccarelli and Van Eetvelt reported at 2’50”.

15.12 Failed to recover Gregoire, who was clocked at 2’20” by Lenny Martinez. 25 km to the finish.

15.08 It should be highlighted how Toon Clynhens (Elevate) is delayed.

15.07 New Race Gaps Update:

15.04 There are 30 kilometers to go.

15.02 Lenny Martinez (Groupama-FDJ) has 2’05” on teammate Gregoire, 2’45” on Lennert Van Eetvelt (Lotto Soudal) and Riccardo Ciuccarelli (Biesse Carrera), 2’55” on the pink jersey Leo Hayter.

15.00 Among the chasers, another Groupama-FDJ rider Romain Gregoire took a margin of a few metres.

14.58 There are 34 kilometers to go. The first 22 will be on a slight slope, while the last 12 will be uphill.

14.56 The descent of Mortirolo . has been completed

14.54 increases, Martinez’s margin increases again. He is now 32’2″.

14.52 Like Ciuccarelli, Van Eetvelt, second after last Liege-Bastogne-Liege in the category, will become a professional in 2023. Last April, Lotto Soudal announced his move to the “big” team.

14.50 Leo Hayter’s pink jersey appears with difficulty on the descent. Not for nothing, the descent is quite technical, and not for everyone.

14.47 Good performance at the moment for Riccardo Ciocarelli, who last year was between under: from 2023 he will become a professional with the Hopper-Androni drone.

14.46 We remind you that Passo di Guspessa is an unprecedented aspect of Mortirolo, one of the six possible sides.

14.43 Mortirolo’s descent begins, with Lenny Martinez (Groupama-FDJ) with a 2’10 advantage over Leo Hayter (Hagens Berman Axeon), Lennert Van Eetvelt (Lotto Soudal), Romain Grégoire (Groupama-FDJ), Riccardo Ciuccarelli (Biesse) and Carrera (Biesse) Toon Clynhens (Elevate).

14.41 If there is no interest among the counter-attackers, Martinez can easily shoot for the pink jersey. First place Leo Hayter falls 49 inches away.

14.37 In fact, Lenny Martinez’s advantage rises to touch the two minutes!

14.36 There is no agreement between the stalkers. This is also due to Romaine Gregoire, who uses the “excuse” to have a fellow striker on the team.

14.34 There are 55 kilometers to go to the finish line at the moment.

14.32 Riccardo Cioccarelli (Bessie Carrera) and Ton Kleinhens (Elevit) are back in the top three chasers.

14.28 The drop will start below -50 a little from the end. Then begins the long, but gentle descent, which leads to Santa Caterina Valfurva.

14.26 Martinez win again! Leo Hayter (Hagens Bermann Axion), Linert van Eetvelt (Loto Soudal) and Romain Gregoire (Groupama-FDJ) went up the hill at 1’05”, behind Ciuccarelli at 1’39”.

14.25 Lenny Martinez takes the Guspessa Pass GPM home. Now for him about ten ordinary kilometers, it would be a slope before Santa Caterina Valfurva.

14.24 Lenny Martinez restarts the pace, and gains a few more seconds. But in the meantime, there’s a shot of Lennert Van Eetvelt (Lotto Soudal) behind him, only Hayter and Gregoire staying with him!

14.22 There is little, very little to get past the Josepissa Pass. It’s really hard to climb, who knows if we won’t find it again in the Giro dei grandi…

14.20 24″ Eight chasers delay.

14.19 These are Lenny Martinez’s chasers: the pink jersey Leo Hayter (Haggins Bermann-Axion), David Beganzulli (Iolo Comita), Linert van Eetvelt (Loto Soudal), Romain Gregoire, Robin Thompson (Groupama-FDJ), Riccardo Ciocarrera (Peace Carcarelli) , Felix Engelhardt (Tirol KTM) and Ton Kleinhens (Elevit). The Frenchman has two teammates behind him who can break the changes.

14.16 at eighth, behind Martinez, the Groupama-FDJ man earned a perfect 14th place in the final round of the Alps.

14.14 William Lecerf (Lotto Soudal) also lost contact from the group of stalkers.

14.13 There are nine behind Martinez!

14.11 Martinez’s teammate Lorenzo Germani withdrew from the pink jersey group.

14.11 Martinez is doing very well. France’s subtle advantage overtook.

14.10 In the group of top stalkers there are also William Lesserf (Lotto Soudal), Max Poole (Team DSM) and Felix Engelhardt (Tirol-KTM).

14.08 For Italy David Biganzulli (Iolo Comita) and Riccardo Cioccarelli (Pace Carrera) are still in the pink jersey group.

14.07 Martinez’s advantage rises to 40 inches.

14.04 The Leo Hayter (Hagens Berman Axeon) pink jersey is also in the Chasers collection.

14.01 They stayed 15 hours chasing Martinez. They include Lynnert van Etwelt (Loto Soudal), Oscar Only, Hans Welch (Team DSM), Mason Holliman (Israel Cycling Academy), Ton Kleinhens (Elevate), Romain Gregoire, Robin Thompson and Lorenzo Germani (Groupama-FDJ).

13.58 3 km to go to the eyebrow. Martinez now has 33 inches in the set.

13.55 Martinez increases his lead, now around 30″.

13.52 Martinez’s advantage is 15 inches. Behind him, the group consists of 22 elements.

13.51 Starts Lenny Martinez (Grouapama-FDJ).

13.49 We remind you that this ascent is about 11 kilometers with an average gradient of 11%.

13.48 There is still 7 kilometers to go to the summit.

13.47 Currently, the pink jersey Leo Hayter (Hagens Bermann Axion) is climbing without problems.

13.45 About 35 passengers remained in the group.

13.43 At the head of the group, Groupama-FDJ withdraws. The pace is really high and now many are breaking up.

13.42 Shoot the fugitives!

13.42 Federico Guzzo (Zalf Euromobil Fior), Kevin Bonaldo (Team Qhubeka) and Bram Leerkes (Amsterdam Racing Academy) did not start this morning.

13.39 In the first part of the stage, Lorenzo Melici (DSM Team) and Alex Bowden (Theodore) were also present, but they broke up on Aprica and were actually taken up by the group.

13.37 At the moment there are only David de Brito (Zalf Euromobil Fior) and Giulio Pellizzari (Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè). However, the two are losing more and more ground and the group can join them within a few kilometers.

13.36 The riders started just after 11:00 and have already passed the first GPM of the day, Passo del Tonale and Aprica. Now about to begin Passo di Guspessa (Hors Category), which will take riders towards Mortirolo.

13.33 Today is day one of the two toughest classes in this race, the 177.1 km Pinzolo Santa Caterina Valfurva.

13.30 Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE Stage Three of the Giro d’Italia U23 2022!

Hello everyone and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the third stage of the Giro d’Italia U23 2022, 177.1 kilometers from Pinzolo-Santa Caterina Valfurva. The first real mountain stage of the race and perhaps the most demanding, where a different arrangement can be drawn, which is currently shown in the pink jersey Leo Haiter After yesterday’s success.

A part that could be crucial to the general’s future. Instant departure with Campo Carlo Magno at 5.3% then landing and Passo del Tonale arriving from Dimaro side up to an average of 6.4% in 14 kilometers. The long ascent that will remain in the legs and bones of the various contenders.

Then go down to Tirano and arrive Unprecedented Paso de Gospesa, an unprecedented aspect of Mortirolo: just over 11 kilometers of climb with an average gradient of 11%where the race can be unleashed in view of the last climb of the day, the A Santa Caterina Valfurva, soft enough for the slopes (average 4.6%).

Giro d’Italia U-23 2022: Leo Hayter coup in the second stage, success and Maglia Rosa alone

The third stage of the Giro d’Italia U23 2022 will start at 11.00; The OA Sport live stream will start at 1.30pm. Good fun!

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