Here’s what his role will be

Drusilla Foer He won not only the hearts of the audience but also and above all the heart Amadeus.

The conductor, in fact, having been by his side during the third evening of the past Sanremo FestivalNow, he seems ready to have her again by his side. After this event, career Drusilla Never stop. Director Rai Uno, in fact, wanted her along Carlo Conti At the award ceremony David From Donatello. And even there it was a real success.

Now, according to TvBlogAnd the Amadeus would like to share Drusilla Foer Also in the new edition of the 2023 Festival. Here is what we read from the portal:

in the last days Amadeus May wish directly to Gianluca Guriactor and director who brings a character Drusilla Foer. At this point, he wouldn’t have decided anything definitively yet, except on his own initiative Amadeus It seemed to be a very important signal and it would have been enthusiastically greeted by the opposite party. Only in the coming months will it be understood to what extent and in what conditions it exists immediately on the stage Ariston. The feeling, so far, is that Drusilla Foer He may be the protagonist of a TV segment directly related to festivallike, for example, Prima Festival.

In just a few months we’ll find out what role he can really play immediatelyTo this day, these simple rumors are still circulating on the web. So we just have to wait for the official news. Meanwhile, there is a fully verified news that the festival will be broadcast from February 7-11, 2023 live on Rai Uno.

But not only. The Organizing the new edition of the Singing Festival. Here is what we read from the official sources:

Also in this edition, they confirmed the 25 champions of the competition, including the three finalists of Sanremo Giovannich who will have to participate in the festival with a different song than the one proposed in December. The songs competing for the 25 champions will be judged by the audience at home through TV broadcasts (from landlines and mobiles), by the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web Jury (150 media representatives accredited to the festival) and by the Opinion Jury (300 an item).

Moreover, in the first and second episodes, the singers will play as always into two groups. On the third evening, all the big names will perform together and the vote will be 50% for the poll and 50% for the TV broadcast. The fourth evening, as always, you’ll see the covers as champions. On the fifth evening, the winner will compete out of 25 champions.

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