Hollow Knight: Silksong on Xbox Game Pass On Day One, It’s Official: New Trailer – Nerd4.life

Hollow Night: SilkSong It will be available at Xbox Game Pass to me First dayNow it’s official: the announcement came with a file tractor During the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show.

So the leak of Hollow Knight: Silksong has been confirmed on Xbox Game Pass, which is further evidence of the reliability of The Snitch, the source that has been doing a lot of discussions for a few days now with its exciting developments.

However, at the moment, the new episode of the premier metroidvania from Team Cherry has not been scheduled yet. ExitWe hope that some details will be provided in the next few minutes. However, it will arrive within the next twelve months.

As already known, the protagonist of Hollow Knight: Silksong will be Hornet, a warrior princess tasked with protecting the Hollownest but who finds herself in a whole new world, dominated by silks and songs.

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