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And if the “secret” first lady Russia was again pregnant? It is the sensational rumor circulated by General SVR, the Russian Telegram channel for counter-information. Then doubts were raised Alina Kapiva She appeared for the second time in a week, but no one was allowed to approach her.

Scenario-changing revelation: What happens after Putin is not alone

Oddly enough, the former Olympic gymnast has re-emerged, having been missing for more than two months. An eyewitness said he was prevented from approaching Kabaeva, who was followed by a large group of women, probably in civilian clothes. By chance, the 39-year-old reappeared in public just like rumors about his illness Vladimir put it in They began to escalate. And now rumors are circulating that she is pregnant: it is not clear how large the family she created with the Russian president, but it is said that they had at least two or three children together.

When does Vladimir Putin die?  Because this terrible question is about Russia

Could another be on the way? On the other hand, Kabaeva can stand it, because now she is one woman in powerHe is the head of a company that owns pro-Putin TV channels and newspapers and is paid about 9 million euros a year. Who knows what the former gymnast thought of the rumors about the health of her lover: second Christopher SteelPutin, a former British intelligence officer, will remain in power “for a maximum of 3-6 months”. “There are indications that his health is deteriorating and if the CIA, others and our sources say it must be true,” he told the BBC.

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