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He will present in Vienna, at the annual conference of the European Society of Human Genetics, the latest study showing that with a simple one eye check Non-invasive, when combined with other information, may be able to predict Risk of having a heart attack. The researchers will detail how they use data from the UK Biobank, which contains medical records, based on the lifestyles of 500,000 people, to calculate a scale called “fractional volume”.

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As I mentioned before guardianIn this study, the researchers will discover how combining information about retinal blood vessels, along with traditional clinical factors, allowed them to better determine the risk of heart attack in the group of participants compared to established models that included only demographics. PhD student at the University of Edinburgh’s Usher and Roslin Institutes and presentation author, Anna Villaplana VelascoHe explained, “Surprisingly, we found that our model was able to classify participants with low or high risk of MI in the UK Biobank compared to established models that only include demographic characteristics. The improvement in our model was even higher when we added a score on the genetic propensity to develop myocardial infarction. the heart. “

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She also added that it would be necessary to repeat the analysis separately for males and females to assess whether a sex-specific model of the heart attack leads to a better risk classification. Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation Professor Sir Nilesh Samani He added, however, that more research would need to be done to show that these predictions could be considered sound. However, the conditions are more than excellent.

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