How will the new rule work?

Among the many topics discussed in the General Assembly of the Arab Republic of EgyptIFAB (International Council), held today in Dohathe most important (in addition to the five alternatives) was certainly what was related to semi-automatic intrusion. what is he talking about? It is a more advanced technology control system to support mousewhich can appear for the first time in Globalism in Qatar next November. It relies on dedicated cameras and 3D detection of players, which recalls the action that takes place in video games and brings the real closer to virtual reality.

How does semi-automatic intrusion work?

Around the stadium, 12 cameras will be placed in order to have a complete view of everything that is happening inside the stadium while the task of artificial intelligence, through Special Skeleton Tracking SystemMonitor 29 points on the body of each player on the field to assess any violation. And if the computer is able to determine the exact moment when the switch is made, the . filealgorithm He would be able to prove the actual existence of the intrusion in just half a second. biggest advantage? Split timing of polls. 20 seconds will be enough for connections between Tech and Var and between Var and the referee, who will always be called upon to make the final decision.

What Infantino and Collina said

With Ifab, we are evaluating a possible change to the offside rule to make football more exciting and conducive to offensive football. We are testing a new version of the Stealth Code, it’s an ongoing test – said the FIFA president – It’s a test that was scheduled to start before Covid, but is now underway. The goal is to give the attacking team more advantages. In the history of Ifab, the offside rule has evolved many times and always in the sense of giving the attacker an advantage. However, they must be well evaluated, and the risk is to make changes that have a negative impact“.”We do these assessments, and now we run tests in Holland, Italy and Sweden – he added Pierluigi ColinaChairman of the FIFA Referees Committee – We will summarize when we have evidence and the results of these tests“.

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