‘Human remains found’, a yellow hack in the Amazon – Politics

After eight days of searching, hopes of finding him still alive seem to have faded British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian anthropologist Bruno Araujo Pereiradisappeared in the Amazon after receiving threats for their research on an indigenous community harassed by precious metal predators, illegal loggers and fishermen: “Human remains have been found floating in the river,” Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro revealed today, specifying that their identity has been confirmed. The bodies will now undergo a DNA test.

“There is evidence for that They led us to believe that they had done some evil to himThe right-wing leader added, confirming that he was personally accompanying the searches. And there was little prospect of understanding this hours before, when the Federal Police announced the discovery of personal items belonging to the journalist – a collaborator with the Guardian newspaper. – and for the former official of the National Corporation of India (Funai).

Then the news was leaked to the press by Alessandra Sampaio, Phillips’ wife, and it has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, who made it clear that they wanted to wait for the result of the survey on the bodies. Sampaio added that the British authorities informed her husband’s relatives of her husband’s death in London.
In response to a question from CB Radio, the British Embassy in Brazil has not confirmed the journalist’s death.

Among the main suspects in the alleged double crime, Amarildo Costa de Oliveira said Pelado has been in prison since last Friday: Witnesses claim to have seen him track the boat in which the disappeared were heading, on 5 June, to Attalia do Norte, in the Valle de Javari indigenous reserve. The region is located in the west of the Amazon, on the borders with Peru and Colombia, and It is not excluded that the two of them stumbled in one of the ways used by drug dealers.

Philips – 57 veteran of the environmental press – He was working on a book Supported by Pereira, expert on lost tribes in the rainforest. The Indigenous association Univaja – which first reported the disappearance – reports that the two set out last week by boat to an area known as Lago do Jaburu, in the Javari region, a vast stretch of bush inhabited by more than 20 ethnic groups. Last Sunday they were supposed to return, again by boat, to Atalaia do Norte, where they never arrived.

I took the case Significant international repercussions and many NGOs, including Greenpeace, have pointed the finger at Bolsonaro’s government, saying he was “complicit” in what happened to his environmental policy of incentives for agri-food (which among other things would have favored deforestation) in violation of the human rights of indigenous peoples. While even the United Nations silence the slow work of the army and police.

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