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was absent from the behavior half past eight Now since the 1st of June. We’re talking, needless to say, from Lily Gruberhas been replaced for this long by Giovanni Floreswho orchestrated operations in Studio La7 for the access-red talk show.

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But today, Monday, June 13th, here’s the comeback of the gorgeous red Lily. The return was announced a few minutes after the start of the episode on the official Twitter account of half past eight Hence from Enrico Mentanawhich resulted in a significant delay in the line due to overtaking due to extra large For the administrative elections that were counted in the afternoon.

But, here we are with the biggest surprise, when the episode was before 20.50 half past eightwe find that Lily Gruber tops the list but when it comes to her apartment. He explains, “I drive my car from home because I’m still positiveFortunately, no symptoms. This is proof that this virus is not over yet.”

Yes, actually Lilli had a file positive contact with corona virus, then tested positive for the swab. And he had to give up running because, you know, he was also asymptomatic: in short, it wasn’t a trivial flu. Now, thank God, the symptoms have passed. And here she is, connected from home, but still positive about two weeks after the infection.

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