If you find the coin with this sign, you’re rich: here’s which one

“If you find the coin with this sign, you are rich”: How many times have you heard this phrase from my coin collector? Having a rare and valuable coin in your hands can really mean owning a small fortune. However, it is necessary to know the history of money and the market for these little things well.

In fact, it’s not always easy to find your way around the values ​​of individual coins, also because being open to online auctions for any sort of thing has compounded scam attempts. Boasting of rarities, features that are not clearly visible in the photos, and shipments that did not happen: these are all factors to consider. But we’re here to talk about a coin that can really make you rich: Here’s the coin.

Here any coin with this sign will make you rich

One of the most sought-after Italian rare coins, which can really make you rich, is the Test 100 Lire Minerva from 1954. We are talking about the prototype coin which has actually become the most widespread in our country. In fact, its “classic” design is considered as such only by those born from the 1970s onwards. Let’s go and describe the coin well.

The 100 Lira Minerva bears a graduated female head engraved on the obverse, facing left and flanked by inscription
Italian Republic. Below are the names of the authors Romagnoli and Giampaoli followed by the abbreviation INC.

In the back, the iconic image of the goddess Minerva is shown standing to the left; A spear to support its weight, held in the left hand, and a branch of a laurel plant in the right, with laurel roots in the ground where the feet of the goddess stick. To the left of the goddess is the face value of the coin, to the right is the R symbol for the mint of Rome. In the millennium of the 1954 railroad and below, to the right, along the edge, the sign that could really make you rich: the word PROVA.

Why is 100 Lire Minerva 104 Proof so rare and precious?

The number of coins for 100 Lire Minerva 104 Proof is very limited. Its rarity index is R3, indicating a “very rare coin”, grade six on a coded scale of eight. Historical sources indicate that the number of these coins is very limited, because they were distributed practically by mistake.

The “standard” valuation of the 100 Lire Minerva 1954 Proof in the state of Fior di Conio is 3000 euros, but many sources indicate that the demand for this coin from collectors is so high that it was recently sold for 200,000 euros!

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