“Important memories and timeless pieces of clothing are gone”

Alba wrote: “In my house there is nothing else to steal of value in the market: the paintings are all painted by my grandfather or my mother, family memories.” Then he admits, “In connection with the theft, I felt a little angered, to discover that the most important pieces had been taken away”—things of economic value, but mostly sentimental. These are clothes and accessories of fashion designers, which he posts in a series of photos.

“I also thought about making a complaint, and then I realized that every time I thought about doing it, I got angry. Because the thefts were repeated over time, the most important pieces of clothing were taken away” explains Paretti. “Forgiveness is to be forgiven, for all that life has given me. To denounce the person or people I think they might be, is to surrender, even for a few minutes, to my state of grace and serenity.”

Alba continues bitterly: “I leave to those who have deprived me of things, memories, clothes, etc., the satisfaction of wearing them even though they are not theirs. At this moment, anything that disturbs my happiness, even for only five minutes. A complaint that would certainly bother her, she does not Honors what life has given me…” The sign, in addition to a career full of successes, is also a love story with Fabio Adami who fills her heart and her life at this moment.

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