In a few months … “Black Prophecy of Palazzo Chigi – Libero Quotidiano

resounding torpedo Christine Lagardethan not less than Shigee Palace. harsh words Francesco Giavazzi. economic commentator for Corriere della SeraAn internationally recognized name. But above all, he is an advisor to the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “The Spread And theinterest rates increase Not immediately, but within a few months it will reduce private demand ”, confirms the expert during his speech during the Alberto Giovannini Prize organized by Webuild. The reference to the turning point was made by the French number one of the European Central Bank (who in Frankfurt replaced Draghi), who A few days ago he put a SuperMario “bazooka” in the attic, causing the European stock exchanges to crash and the re-opening of the spread gap.

“The European Central Bank – adds Giavazzi – promises to raise interest rates in response to the increase in inflation with wrong tool. We don’t have demand inflation like in the US but we have gas price inflation. Therefore, in the face of the decline in private demand in the coming months, we must accelerate the NRP program. “In other words, underestimating a bit, Lagarde’s response could be a dramatic breakthrough. For the eurozone and Italy, in particular.

“The reason there is a differential that raises the cost of debt in Italy is the ratio Debt and GDP‘ asserts Giavazzi. Our prevalence is similar to that of countries with the same debt-to-GDP ratio. So there is nothing special about Italy. Today the first priority is to lower the debt/GDP ratio and we can do that by accelerating the GDP. PNRR can allow this.”

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