In the videos, the trauma abuses a 15-year-old

She was beaten, flogged and tortured to death by her mother and her lover. Weeks of abuse of a 15-year-old boy recounted in court in great detail in the trial that sees the couple accused of killing young Sebastian, who died at his home in Huddersfield, in England, last August due to complications from multiple fractures of the ribs. Sebastian has been in the UK for less than a year after moving from Poland to live with his mother Agnieszka, 35, and partner Andrei, 36. At first, Mom was thrilled to have her baby with her, but things soon fell apart. The two, the attorney general reported, would have started with penalties that gradually became harsher, even for real violations.

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According to the BBC, the teenager was allegedly beaten with a plank of the bed, whipped with an extension and stabbed with a needle. Sebastian was being mistreated for everything: he couldn’t go to the bathroom at night, or accidentally dropped food on the floor. “Reasonable penalties” according to the accused, who denies manslaughter, but now has to go against the jury’s opinion. According to what was reconstructed in the courtroom, on the day of the 15-year-old’s death, emergency services were called “after Sebastian had fainted for about two and a half hours.” The man, accused of most of the violence, allegedly told doctors that he found the boy in the bathtub with his head in the water. Which indicates that it was an accident adding that she tried to save him. In fact, the 36-year-old would have attempted to simulate drowning by pouring water into the lifeless boy’s mouth. However, the countless acts of violence on Sebastian’s body were recorded by security cameras that his mother and partner installed to control him remotely and display him in court along with other abuses.

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