Island 16, this is how many kilograms the Untouchables have lost so far

L ‘Celebrity Island 16 It will be the longest version ever in the history of the reality of Survivors and Untouchables, as always, losing a few kilograms. Some of the competitors, who are still in the game, have been in Honduras for nearly 100 days: stefania BernalAnd the Carmen PetroAnd the Eduardo Tavasi And the Nicholas Vaporidis.

The forced diet and harsh conditions of survival resulted in marked physical change and inevitable weight loss. The outcasts are followed by a medical staff and a second Novella 2000In the past few days they have also been monitored from the point of view of weight loss.

Let’s see who is among the untouchables ofIsland 16 I lost more kilograms!

Edward The outcast would be the one who lost the most weight, in fact tavasi He would have lost 15 kg. Nick Luciani I lost 8 kilos and then a kilo Nicholas 7 will be less. Among the women who spent the longest time on the island, Carmen She was finally going to lose 6 kg stefania He would have lost 5 kilos.

In the course of the adventure, many competitors were eliminated or decided to retire. Their scale data is as follows: Jeremias Rodriguez 15 kg lost, 12 kg less Clemente Russo And the Roberta Morris He would have lost 6 kg. While that, Marco Kokolo the last one to own Leaving the game for health reasons He would have lost 6 kg.

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