“Italy is doing well, but we are under more pressure for the World Cup”


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Germany coach Hans-Dieter Flick talked about the match against Monchengladbach tomorrow from Budapest, where the German team participated in the last Nations match, which ended with a score of 1-1. “Italy is doing well. They have a good team and they can create their national team for the next few years. We are under more pressure than the World Cup, but for sure we will see improvement in the coming months. Human rights? Its job is to judge other countries in terms of human rights. We have a position and we want That we continue to talk about this issue.”

About Kimmich and Goretzka. “I didn’t see them tired, on the one hand we have to have a certain stability, and on the other hand we have to see how everyone is. At this point we will make a decision. We are also preparing ourselves very carefully and seriously for this match against Italy. I think we will give the team a night Vacation. A vacation night always means the team will go out to eat together and then come back to the hotel at a certain time.”

in the League of Nations. “It must be said that Hungary put in a good performance. I also said that after a match like England, they are the strongest opponents you can imagine. Unfortunately we could not achieve what we had planned. We built without conviction. We were very slow. To build the game. We made It’s relatively easy for the opponent to stay together. I think the team will learn a lot from this match. This is the bright side for me. We will analyze everything else carefully and then try to win at home against Italy. It will not be easy, but we still expect the team to put everything in Something in it and then he goes on vacation with a win.”

on goals. “Our claim and our goal is to get to the last four. Nothing is decided yet in this group, everyone is close. It should be clear to us that we simply have to make a quantum leap – or maybe two or three. Out of the team. This is another opportunity for the team to grow even more. for the European Championships in Germany.

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