Johnny Depp, after the victory of the trial, is in very poor condition: publicly unrecognizable – Democrat

After the victory of the Trial of the Year, Johnny Depp showed himself in public in unpresentable circumstances. Here’s how it fell

one in between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard The process of the year was determined by many. The story’s hype has been attributed in particular to the huge fame that the Hollywood star has enjoyed. the last one The woman accused him of domestic violence, a crime that would have been very serious if verified. Such a situation could undermine his reputation, which is why the actor has suffered so much in recent months.

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For the joy of millions of his fans, At the end of the trial, the verdict proved that Amber Heard was guilty of defaming her ex-husband. So there was no violence, let alone abuse of any kind by Depp, who came clean from the case but hurt on a personal level.

Exactly for this reason his previous wifewho was married to him from 2015 to 2017, She was ordered to pay a staggering sum in compensation. It includes fifteen million dollars, ten as compensation and five as punishment. The latter, however, for a particular Virginia law became three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. With the two million dollars that Johnny owes to Heard’s company in total, the woman would have to put an amount equal to $8.35 million into the star’s coffers.

Johnny Depp, after the trial this is how it is reduced

Devastated by the sentence, Amber Heard said the following words: “The disappointment I feel today is beyond any word. I have brought an enormous amount of evidence, but it was not enough to resist the disproportionate power and influence of my ex-husband”.

Johnny Depp (web source)

Put aside this sad chapter, Johnny recently appeared in public in Birmingham, England. He went there for a concert by Jeff Beck, one of the greatest guitarists in history. The paparazzi immortalized him in very bad conditionsto the point where He gave the impression that he was having a hard time standing Since a bodyguard had to grab him by the arm, as you can see from the photo also shown today.

after show Depp met Jeff Beck himself, with whom he made an album that will be released on July 15. The work is titled “18”, and contains thirteen songs including two unreleased clips signed by the famous Kentucky-born actor.

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