Juventus Market, all the answers to the questions

The Pogmentary release (from Friday on Prime Video) is a possible time reference: from seeing the docuserie on Paul Pogba, everyone is expecting official communications about the team the Frenchman will play for. In fact, the announcement can also be postponed, but it will not change the essence of things: the octopus will return to Juventus after six complicated seasons at Manchester United. Details are discussed regarding the bonuses that will be included in the contract and the commissions of attorney Raffaela Pimenta, who takes care of the interests of the world champion. But with the exception of the exciting transformation of the player, who may be tempted to put pressure on Zinedine Zidane (something the team does not have at the moment), Pogba made his choice.

2. Will Juventus stop at Pogba in the middle of the pitch?

Much, if not everything, will depend on the fate of Arthur: if the Brazilian midfielder is sold, Juventus will pay above all for the half-back, according to the express request of Massimiliano Allegri. It could be Arsenal’s Thomas Partey, who values ​​the former Barcelona very much and may be willing to trade. But instead of Thomas, it could also be about 24-year-old Brazilian defender Gabriel dos Santos Magalhães.

3. Why didn’t Di Maria say ‘yes’ to Juventus?

The Argentine is free and he also holds a proposal from Barcelona which, from a family point of view, is the preferred solution. But Juve’s temptation is getting stronger and optimism is growing: the answer is expected in the middle of the week. Il Fideo has not yet decided if it will not be its destination starting in the summer of 2023, when it will return to Rosario Central. At stake is Juventus’ proposal for an annual contract worth 7 million net per season plus bonuses.

4. If Di Maria jumps, watch out for substitutions. Who has the greatest chance?

The first variant of Fideo, with similar characteristics, responds to the name of Domenico Berardi for which a channel has already been opened with Sassuolo, available for an operation that does not involve an immediate fatal investment. More flexible, just because he plays more often from the center wing, is Nicolo Zaniolo, who costs more than Berardi and with Roma he scored Milan’s interest as well. Brazilian David Neres also likes to start from the right, exiting Shakhtar Donetsk and Juventus following him since Ajax. 21-year-old Michajlo Modric will also leave Ukraine, while the track to Serbian Filip Kostik has been repeatedly beaten up by the Bianconeri’s managers. National Dusan Vlahovic knows how to play from the wing and from fifth in a 3-5-2.

5. How many chances does Morata have to return to Juventus?

They are high and the first to believe them is the Spain striker, who is set to return temporarily to Atletico Madrid because the 35 million ransom is considered an excess amount by Juventus who have already spent 20 on a two-year loan. Those who know international Luis Enrique well swear that Alvaretto is having a hard time waiting, as his desire to sign Juventus is practically unlimited. Sporting director Federico Cherubini is likely to meet in the next few days with his Spaniards to re-discuss the terms of the agreement.

6. In addition to Morata, will another striker arrive?

Yes, another striker will come to replace Vlahovic or perhaps join him when needed. Those who think of Austrian Marko Arnautovic are not mistaken, whom Sinisa Mihajlovic is struggling to give up, but business is business. And the attacker will not miss the opportunity to board a train that is destined not to pass anymore. In the salons of the market, it is not excluded that the former Shanghainese is also useful when paired with Vlahovich. Even Giovanni Simeone could become an opportunity in the market, as long as he understands whether or not Verona will rid him of Cagliari. Otherwise, if Juventus were to look for a player with different characteristics, the name on the first place would still be Giacomo Raspadori.

7. Can Koulibaly reach Juventus right away?

It is possible that they will not be ruled out, especially if the days pass and the future of the Senegalese defender remains in great doubt. In the next few hours, contact is expected between his entourage and the Napoli management, even if the hypothesis of a lower profit – 4 million compared to the 6 imagined so far – does not interest the player much. So here’s the market unleashed, with Barcelona in the front row alongside Chelsea and PSG. Juventus is on the window, ready to take action even if Koulibaly stays until the contract expires in the summer of 2023.

8. De Ligt’s 120m clause comes into effect: is there a real risk that Juventus will lose him?

At the moment it is difficult for a major European to reach this number. The suspects are the “new” Chelsea and Manchester United. But Londoners are looking for cheaper solutions and United are not playing in the Champions League. De Ligt thinks of renewing and reducing the sentence. Leaving is more in the future than at once, because it’s also the first fixed point of defense today.

9. Will Gatti, born first in the national team, stay after retiring?

The debut was more than positive, in the environment there is an appreciation for the plant. It is true that Juventus are looking for interpreters in this role, but it is also true that Gatti represents an alternative which could be up to his owners.

10. Molina cost 30 million: Can Juventus really beat rivals Atletico Madrid and Barcelona?

According to Spanish sources, Atletico Madrid considered Molina too expensive and would have dropped out of the race. Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, is grappling with budget problems pointing to $500 million and doesn’t seem to be able to adapt to the Argentine side. Juventus, for its part, has had excellent relations with Udinese for some time and can play on this side: to be able to think about the player’s evaluation, to be able to involve a potential counterpart in negotiations.

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