Kristel Carisi, the last photo before his departure: “Delete” | The root cause of the decision

Cristel Carrisi stunned and left fans speechless after delivering something no one expected. He made a drastic decision and explained why.

daughter of Romina And the Albanian grew up under spotlights But with that it was always so much more than that booked up Compared to other family members.

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Kristel Carisi She is very much loved by the Italian public who saw her growing up alongside her famous parents. A beautiful girl who chooses an important school path and has a Follow up for him Goal with Yup. He made a decision recently that really stirred up a lot Orders And the astonishment among the masses. what is he talking about?

Christel Carisi and the unexpected decision

Kristel Carisi Yes it is always inactive for him elegance And the Extreme education. Helpful and kind, she often appeared on the small screen and tried her hand at various TV shows. However, she directed her energies to school and graduated in literature Harvard.

Decisively devoted herself to her personal training though, she took part and attended the show business with pleasure. When she met her husband, a businessman Davor Luksic for him life he is change. Kristel Karisi and her husband have three children and raise their children in Zagreb. For a few weeks there have been rumors on the Internet about a possible crisis But it’s just about indiscretion without foundation. However, she made an important announcement that surprised many fans. I decided to leave it. what is he talking about?

He said enough

Kristel Carisi wanted make you share for him Followers from U.S resolution Taken for a very obvious reason. Explain his thinking this way Hinge And the honest with a function. she has the left The world of social media and the decision seems to be well thought out. Suggest that we take an interest in something that really enriches.

Think about the world of social media and what is being created around it. Comparisons and the quest for approval are the reasons that steal time from the real things and that give different gratification. Kristel welcomed his fans to the point where they were amazed and stunned. However, the explanation given is certainly not in question and must be respected. We salute a great woman and a caring mother.

Christel Carisi - Decide - Transutism
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