Ladies’ paradise, this is Irene Cipriani in real life

Who is Francesca del Fa, the translator of Irene Cipriani in Il Paradiso delle Signore? Let’s get to know him better!

Rebellious, sarcastic and always trying to do the best at work: that’s it Irene Cipriani One of Venus de Ladies’ paradise. She appeared since the third season, playing her character Francesca del Fa. But who is the beautiful actress? What do we know about her? Let’s find out about her projects and everything about her!

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Ladies’ paradise, Francesca del Va: A private life and Instagram

Francesca del Fa Born in Grosseto, she devoted herself to acting from an early age. She is very private and we don’t have much information about her, but thanks to her profile Instagram, @delfafrancescawe can learn a lot of information about her, like that He loves the sea as much as he loves snow! There are many art posts made by the beautiful actress, but there are also posts related to her life and of course her work! He has nearly 30,000 followersWho do not fail to interact!

Ladies' paradise
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Francesca del Fa’s Career: Beginnings, Secrets and Irene Cipriani

From an early age, Francesca studied business in the entertainment world: He graduated from the Small Theater School and then conducted several seminars related to opera singing. Passionate about dance and capoeira (Martial Arts) He started his artistic career in the theater. Remembering the Three Sisters of Anton Sischoff, The Mystery is a theatrical monologue directed by Fabio Sozzogni. First appearance on TV takes place in 2016 thanks to Undercover 2 and in 2017 we found it in Medici 2. The real leap in quality came in 2018, when she was selected for the role of Irene Cipriani in Ladies’ Paradise.

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Ladies' paradise
Instagram photos

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