Many know that walking is good for you, but few know the secret to avoiding back and hip pain

Healthy physical activity can help you stay in shape. As well as to improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles. Of course, it wouldn’t be completely necessary to exercise at any cost to feel satisfied. Even a regular daily walk will be enough. A little movement can be beneficial and good for different organs in the body, such as the heart. In short, the advantages of a good walk can be many. However, there will be information known to a few. Regarding a particular way of walking, it is useful in avoiding the typical pains in the skeletal bone.

foot position

Speaking of walking, the Veronesi Foundation will remind you to use cushioned shoes that are comfortable and enough to support the foot. In particular, the sole and the heel. The foundation will also indicate the importance of correct posture and movements. According to the official body, healthy walking requires very light and smooth movements. Especially the foot, we should put the heel first and then the toe, avoiding heavy descent to the floor. So correct foot position while walking will be very important. There will be another reference added to this letter.

Many know that walking is good for you, but few know the secret to avoiding back and hip pain

The Veronesi Foundation had mentioned the correct support of the tip of the toes on the ground, while walking. Not everyone will realize the benefits of properly resting the foot on the ground while walking. Above all, proper support for the toes can strengthen the plantar arches. This would help the body to better support the legs. The result can be the reduction of a potentially painful condition in the hips. But also from ankle and back pain. Therefore, walking with well-supported limbs of the feet, that is, the fingers, can help those who suffer from back pain and hip pain.

Therefore, many know that walking is a good thing but few know how to do it the right way, to finally get very important benefits. We remind you, however, that even a simple activity like walking should fit your abilities and health needs. Of course it also depends on age. For this reason, any decision to take a long daily walk should be discussed with your doctor.


For some, walking extends life and is good for blood circulation, but few are aware of a fatal mistake that could backfire.

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