Medicine, fight after school: friends laugh and film the scene with their mobile phones

Bologna – A fight between two 15-year-olds broke out in the courtyard of a middle school. Conclusion Outside the Institute: Dozens of Pictures Filtered Some of the schoolmates, who laughed wildly, took the scene with their smartphones. Only when one was destroyed to the ground did the friends approach and keep the other at a distance, who, in general excitement, reported a dislocated shoulder. At the hospital, he received a 20-day diagnosis of “dislocation of the right shoulder, hematoma in the left eyelid and subconjunctival hemorrhage in the left eye.”

The father of the bruised child lodged a complaint with the Carabinieri of Medicine, who also obtained a video clip made by one of the attendees and posted on social networks in the reconstruction of the facts, in which the quarrel between teenagers can be seen amid the amusing cries of friends. Two of these, along with the other young man who took part in the fight, are now held accountable for the crime of personal injury.

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