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curtain between Mirta Merlino And the Diego Della Valle to me the air that pullsLa7 talk show. The presenter introduced her guest regarding her, and greeted him with a welcome phrase that surprised Della Valle himself a little: “It’s a life we ​​haven’t seen each other on TV.” The entrepreneur immediately replied: “Okay, let’s leave room for experts in this period.” After a moment of embarrassment, Merlino continued the interview with Della Valle asking him for his opinion, as an entrepreneur, about what is happening in Russia at the moment.

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Diego Della Valle: “What will be the consequences of the war”

penalties against He flies In a way it also closely affects Italian entrepreneurs and in fact Della Valle also has to deal with this context that brings a lot of unknowns to the economic fabric of the country, especially to entrepreneurship. And Della Valle’s position on the war in Ukraine is quite clear: “This is a war that frightens us above all because of the human sacrifices of the people and for a country that has been deprived of its freedom. It also worries a lot for all those who can. For the consequences, we must all be very careful and prepared. To sacrifice ourselves when needed to help in the common cause.”

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What awaits us on the economic front?

In short, Della Valle confirms how the war broke out between them Kyiv And Moscow can fully exploit the Western economic system as well as our original system. It is very difficult to predict what will happen after the war politically, economically and socially. All unknowns for which there are no answers. Only a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine can provide a tangible solution to the problems facing the West (and beyond) in this period.

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