Mortgages, flat rate + 1.5% in six months, but with variable there is a risk: what to do after the turning point of the ECB?

Fixed Rate Mortgage: What’s Changing

Those who wanted a fixed 30-year mortgage for 140,000 euros at the end of last year paid an average of 467 euros per month; If he begins his search today, he should allocate an additional 105 budget, and it is possible, if not probable, that at the time of termination of the contract, the bill will be more expensive. The most important aspect for those looking for a home and for the residential market is precisely this: In recent years, sales have been driven by the possibility of Obtaining fixed-rate loans with exceptionally favorable termsSo much so, that nine out of ten mortgage loans have been disbursed in fixed installments. Now, however, the Eurirs, the benchmark that serves as the basis for determining the rate for this type of mortgage, continues to rise by the day and in the scenario of higher cost of money in the long run, it does not necessarily mean that it will run. It will stop soon.

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