Never seen so fast, the video is on a prestigious track

The truly irrepressible Fiat Grande Punto on the German Nürburgring: video of the car’s performance

The legendary path of NürburgringGermany and Europe symbol speed time is one Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 TJet 2008 with racing gear and power output from 207 horsesl 330 Nm of torque.

Fiat Grande Punto (YouTube screen)

A deadly match that a YouTuber wanted to try. As it is known, in fact, in the German circuit, when you are not participating in the official races, between Formula 1 and other championships and series, it is possible to race in your own car, for complete fun and safety.

And so pilot He wanted to test his car complete with a stopwatch at the time. The car in question is the most powerful Fiat version of that car from part bWhich went into production in 2018 after 13 years.

there Camera Placed inside the cockpit, possibly on the passenger seat, it shows not only the road, but also the pilot’s gestures while driving, thus showing all the corrections he makes at different points of the circuit.

Fiat Grande Punto at the Nurburgring: Lap time video

The video It starts with the car that has already been launched at high speed on the track; The pilot travels approx 160 km/h With the engine rev at 4500 as indicated by the speedometer. He takes off on a fast lap, with a somewhat aggressive drive that sees the low-pavement attack exploit the open gas path as much as possible. in full acceleration It also penetrates a wall 200 km/hwith the car that does not lose control and does not give signs of instability.

Strong braking and deceleration when necessary, the pilot also takes off in overtaking, both inside and out – but many more powerful cars on the track suffer – with Punto ensuring perfect road holding, even when out of corners, also ensuring maneuverability almost to the maximum. In the turns quickly With sudden changes in direction it doesn’t look bad, with the driver slamming the gearbox and above all the engine, engaging high gears by pulling as much as possible.

The video Actually ends with the car that cuts Finish line at 8’30”, it’s a really cool time, on top of that – as the caption says – on the only slightly empty lap that was found. In fact, several cars on the track may have hindered him in his search for top performance.

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