New supermarket scam empties consumer accounts, pay attention to the press release

Life is really tough for Italian consumers these days due to inflation, but a new and shocking scam is putting many Italians in a bind.

Inflation hits Difficult Italian families are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase even the most basic of goods.

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Price increases are getting stronger supermarket And the salaries are very low.

New supermarket scam

But in addition to all these problems now he’s thinking about it A malicious scam to get many unsuspecting consumers into trouble.


Let’s try to understand what is happening. When Italians go to the supermarket, they obviously look for it savings. In this period, families are trying every means to save and so if there is a possibility to get a fort discount It is not easy to give up. He’s right to want it Italian savings who profit from scammers. Let’s see how this works It’s downsides Take advantage of the desire to save. It works online A statement that appears to have been published by a well-known supermarket chain.

Beware how scammers act

This version is very tempting and it plays on all the popular social networks but often Also on WhatsApp. This statement reads as a hugely popular supermarket chain It is to provide very attractive shopping vouchers. The shopping vouchers promised by this supermarket chain are of great value and require very little to win. In fact, to get shopping vouchers Just answer an online survey and then pay a small shipping fee. The shipping cost contribution is simply used to send the voucher directly to the user’s home. But in fact, the above supermarket chain has nothing to do with this matter Initiative.

How to avoid fraud

This is just a scam! To claim payment by credit card in order to obtain the same credit card details and take advantage of it. So be careful when reading this type of advertisement that is circulating a lot on the internet. There is absolutely no need to trust these shopping vouchers Which would definitely be a trap. Above all, it is important not to make a payment Do not click on links in press releases. By simply clicking on the links, you can access fraudulent platforms that are capable of data theft sensitive. If you want to discover the offers of the supermarket, then you should go to the official websites of the latter and check them directly.

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