Nobody knows, but this is what happens to people who eat tomatoes every day

Eating tomatoes every day means introducing a number of microelements that are very important but can also cause acidity. To address the problem, it would be better to cook it to allow the vegetables to also release lycopene which is a rather important component for our well-being.

However, some stomachs can be affected by daily consumption of tomatoes. In those cases, it is best to wait a few days before eating more vegetables. This happens because tomatoes belong to the nightshade family which in turn contain solanine, a substance considered toxic if eaten in large quantities.

The reason lies in its toxic alkaloid properties such as nicotine, caffeine and papaverine. When these substances enter the blood circulation, they give a tonic and tonic effect but then it turns out to be harmful, especially with regard to the parasympathetic system in our body.

Consuming tomatoes every day

There are different types of tomatoes that differ according to their shape and color. There are smaller tomatoes like cherry tomatoes or San Marzano, which are excellent for sauce or appetizers like Frisel Poulian. There are also so-called beef hearts that should be eaten in salads with some other accompanying vegetables. Then there are yellow and green tomatoes, etc. In short, a variety of genres thanks to which we can immerse ourselves.

The only limit is choosing the product from organic farming to avoid ingesting pesticides and herbicides of questionable nature. Season the tomatoes with good olive oil and alternate the fresh portions with the cooked portions. Tomatoes guarantee us every day an important nutritional supply thanks to the microelements present.

They include: manganese, potassium, copper and phosphorous as minerals and vitamins of groups A, C, B6, K. In addition to having a good percentage of vegetable proteins. As we have said, lycopene is an antioxidant that is beneficial for the health of our cells and tissues, as it promotes their formation.

So we can say that if there are no intolerance problems we can also consume tomatoes daily without exceeding the amount and only for a limited time. We don’t go buy tomatoes in the winter when we know they’re not grown outdoors but in greenhouses, and they certainly won’t have the same protein and nutritional supply.

Focus on the nightshades

The nightshade is a botanical family that contains many vegetables and greens. In addition to tomatoes, in fact, in the eggplant menu we find eggplant, peppers and potatoes. Unfortunately, when ingested, it releases solanine which, when synthesized in the body, becomes toxic.

Some nutritionists, especially those who promote macrobiotic diets, limit or even control their consumption. In a healthy diet, according to other doctors, nightshades should not be missed just so that they are not eaten heavily and continuously for a long period of time. In order not to risk, since tomatoes are nightshades, let’s eat more during the summer and then cut back the following months.

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