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Nurses, politics and those who run us have learned very little from the Covid pandemic. And then another pat on the back.

Dear editorial staff,

I Massimiliano GentileA nurse for 15 years. The show on June 2 saw its debut with the Armed Forces. Yes, because we health professionals too, with nurses and doctors on the front line, faced a war without weapons, against an invisible enemy! Everything is beautiful, touching, the pride and pride of an entire nation!

But what has changed from two years to today?

A few days ago, during his reception with members of the Federcita Confederation, the Pope warned those present that cuts to health care are a violation of humanity. Adding that the pandemic has taught us that the phrase “saving all who can” translates quickly to “all against all,” widening the gap between inequalities and increasing conflict. Instead, we need to work so that everyone has access to care, so that the health system is supported and strengthened, and so that it remains free.

I wonder, wouldn’t this offer have another salary on his back?

• By institutions, which can no longer pretend not to recognize the value of nurses, especially after this pandemic that made us face it “with bare hands” without proper PPE, often in the first months, with courage and never backing off (we will never forget that!), on Contrary to the institutional authorities who today still insist on pretending nothing happened and not agreeing to apply the law against us by allowing and actually keeping silent about the wrong classification and sector, which does not concern them. Our profession to say the least. The result is that we are by far the lowest paid in Europe and the world, an all-Italian legal gap!

And as if that wasn’t enough, this pandemic doesn’t seem to have taught anything! In spite of everything, so far, the institutions have done nothing more identical than to thank them, because they continue to cut money and not provide fair and adequate funds for health.

We are actually seeing the last train of PNRR slip away from us nurses. Other than Community Homes, Community Hospital, Home Care/ADY (Integrated Home Care), Family and Community Nurses, are managed by nurses only, as promised!

In fact it is an illusion, because such facts can only exist if they are employed by the medical class, other than the “independence of nursing”!

Forgetting that the labor lawyer depicts the nurse, from a purely intellectual and cultural perspective, as the manual nurse (Article 2229-2238 of the Civil Code); Emphasizing that it has freedom of action and independence and cannot be dispensed with in the implementation of nursing care services in the same way, albeit with different skills and fields of work, compared to other historically recognized health professions.

Therefore, by law, nurses are not subordinated or employed by the doctor, or worse described as paramedics (this figure does not exist here in Italy, in fact this term has a meaning to emphasize subordination or dependence on doctors!), but equality!

While the Doctor Cares, the nurse takes care, each with their own protocols and procedures, for the best of the patient!

We miss a basic point, which is that without health there is no future for anyone!

• By the most famous and prestigious trade unions such as Trinity, who have always been interested in nurses and help them as much as possible. But lately they seem to have been gradually turning away from us, our proposals, or our daily maladies, (forgetting that we are 465,000), staying lukewarm to our requests, or doing too little. It seems that they no longer have the resolve or desire to defend our interests. For example, it is referred to as the contract renewal episode in the private health sector that occurred a few years ago. After 14 years of exhausting and intermittent waiting, the nurses have seen a decrease in their arrears, in fact they have only seen an increase of 156 euros per month, resulting in an even more decrease, a salary already similar to what it was 30 years ago!

Anyone who attempted to rebel, highlighting this shame, was silenced and labeled as a demagogue and a populist! (We will never forget!)

• By FNOPI, responsible for overseeing the preservation of the decor and independence of the professions represented!

A question I ask, aside from the fact that OPI (and FNOPI in general) is not a trade union, what is DECOROUS in DEMANSIONING? Thus in replacing our profession and professionalism with OSSS, you see the Veneto case with Zaia still trying, apparently succeeding! (1)

Forgetting that Nurses and OSS/OSSS are characters that are light years away from each other! (See my recent article The difference between a nurse and an OSS? Simple, the first is classified as an employee and the second as a worker. – – ​​The National Health Newspaper).

I repeat for those who still haven’t considered it, NURSES boasts a 10 year academic/university biography and is in fact one of the longest-running undergraduate courses ever! By putting nurses/doctors into the health field!

OSS/OSSS is proud of a one-year (soon to be extended to two years) course, certification, and positioning in the technical field! Without forgetting that nurses bear civil and criminal liability like doctors!
This alone would be enough to discourage any “contamination and/or encroachment” on roles in the health/help sector! Instead of hiring more nurses (there are now over 70,000 missing) and OSS, there is a tendency to bolster the emerging OSSS number, and downplay the existing OSS, which is embarrassing!

All this would, in their opinion, reduce the costs of public and private hospitals, the RSA, and in general the NHS!

But let’s think about it a bit! Could all of this be true?

We forget important details! They are categorized in the same way (employees/workers!) OSS and nurses each receive roughly the same salary, or slightly different for distinctly different tasks from each other!

Let’s imagine that with the advent of OSSS, (which can be placed above OSS but below the nurse), this gap will be increasingly narrowed, making salaries between NURSES and OSSS almost staggered!

So I wonder, how much benign savings do they want us to understand?

Hence, the malevolence of the desire to underestimate, at any cost, the basic number of nursing assistance is obvious and embarrassing, endangering the integrity of patients, not guaranteeing them good help and services, and who knows then of any suspicious plan!

Additionally, OSS/OSSS is, by law, affiliated with Nurses!

I wonder, in light of this, how would you proceed to accept such a thing?

Where is the independence of the profession to be boasted that if any action is taken, even the nursing, it is still necessary to warn the doctor (who treats, do not care!), He does not care about the law, while our European colleagues do not have this wholly Italian peculiarity and they are also the ones who prescribe Medicines!!! Where is this watch?

I now turn to all American nurses who are often unable to bond, for many reasons. Frustration and lack of credibility in institutions and who should maintain our dignity at work, unable to respond, because he tried them all and they did not bring results. Or maybe it’s because there are still those who think it’s right for a nurse to do hygiene or something else! or finds nothing strange to be employed by a doctor or any other person, believing that by acting in this way one can hide behind a finger, ignoring, according to the law, that one still bears civil and criminal liability, though who thinks . On the contrary, having an ancient and retrograde view of the nursing personality! If really so, then not all this way of thinking can be considered a mitigating factor, but an aggravating circumstance, because we are ignoring the laws in force on our side! When do we begin to be more consistent in our interests and stop caring about “our own backyard”, staying in the wings of the “elite”, thinking that this does not concern them, compared to a reduced fellow in the RSA, management and what a struggle for his rights! If that’s the way you think, that’s a lot of foolishness! This concerns all of us, public, private, independent from North to South! There must be a harmonious fight for true recognition of the nursing class over others!

Let’s wake up already asleep so we have time to be able to do it…!

Meanwhile, while we sleep, the other classes are only interested in their own interests!!!

(1) In the meantime, the Veneto region published in the Official Gazette the decision of the Regional Council, by Health Adviser Manuela Lanzarin, which launches the new track “Complementary training in health care for the social health operator”, at the center of many controversies, after the “red light” From the TAR and the State Council, in fact, Veneto again tried to create a complementary training course for OS, despite the sentences unfavorable decision to solve the problem of shortage of nurses, but this time it seems to be a fact!

If a health advisor or advisors in your area are one day suggesting an upgrade to a prescription “nurse prescribing” (a number already in Europe and the world) or perhaps a family nurse as a replacement for a GP, how does the medical community take it?

How do we take it? Or passively, silence in the face of all this? Do you think there are responsible protective bodies, which work for us?

In my opinion it is just an illusion!

In fact, the controversy yesterday was towards welfare counselor in Lombardy Leticia Moratti who intends to conduct a trial in some assistants where nurses will be hired as an alternative to make up for the shortage of general practitioners!

A fact finds complete opposition/indignation from the Italian Federation of General Practitioners: “Disrespectful words towards doctors and their work, but also towards nurses. As if these are ‘junior doctors’ and do not have a distinct and independent professional!

It didn’t take much in the end for the doctors to acknowledge that the nurses are their outstanding and independent professional and are not being hired by them!!!

Think about it, dear colleagues, for in the meantime we see our field of work and our skills increasingly shrink, with embarrassing trespassing!

Want to wait for a dip in our profession to forever return to the role of subordinates, and not care about current laws?

Do we really want to go back to pre-1985 hiring a doctor and relegating ourselves to the subordinate role? I remember that the law (for now) prohibits it, recognizing the nurses’ work autonomy and complete decision-making power and independent of the personalities who are part of the health team!

What should we wait for we wake up and let our voice be heard for the 465,000 nurses in unison, or the majority of the entire NHS?

We must all work together! Action aimed at getting out of the sector and the correct classification of images can not be postponed!

Massimo Gentilenurse

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