OPTAVIA American diet with various solutions and significant weight loss, but it is not always recommended

The American Optavia Diet has been at the center of an interesting controversy lately. Who knows if anyone is following her in Italy too.

It’s normal after a long winter of “cover and couch” to regain your normal figure. light dress e Show a toned and light physique.

Adobe Stock and also Detoxing from overeating. This is why we often turn to diets that may have become popular. But if anyone adopts Optivia diet You may be “disappointed”.

Diet Optivia Others are just that A meal plan that offers solutions for different needs. Lose weight, eat healthy food, and maintain body weight. It is promoted by American named company MedifastAnd the that produces alternative foods. They are called “fuel” and as mentioned above “promise” different types of results.

What is the American Optivia Diet, and most importantly does it work?

The ideadown, It is very respectable and has many advantages. Depending on the goal to be achieved, the company offers Takeaway packages. They are greedy, easy to eat, low in calories, obviously rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in carbohydrates. can also be taken 6 per day, between “snacks” and “fuel”, alternating with other meat or vegetable dishes.

Along with takeaway, The company provides more information to better achieve the desired goal. That is, exercising and eliminating sweets, fried foods, and even alcohol and soft drinks. So far, everything is regular. as well as sThe results achieved by many people who follow this diet regularly Optivia.

What are the “contraindications” to the Optivia diet

There are other studies, however, that put “alert on alert” and People are advised to be very careful before starting This diet. Or any of them anyway High protein diet. This is because It can cause intestinal problems.

else appearance Who is “disputed” for this type of diet is famous The yo-yo effect“People who are forced tend to eat fewer and fewer calories than necessary Resume eating once the diet is finished. And they regain the kilograms they lost very quickly.

Not only that, the Optivia diet gives you the maximum intake 1000 calories per day. On average, an adult person needs 2000-2400 calories. a very rigid system Leads to weight loss but also a lot muscle mass. It also seems that company preparations It consists of Large amounts of artificial sugars, vegetable oils, and processed additives. Which is notorious for not being good for your health, and it can do so Reduce immune defenses or even lead to obesity.

Wanting to find another “flaw” in the Optivia diet, some talk about Exorbitant costs. Of course in this case it comes personal opinions. However, we are informed that a 7-day package (2-3 days depending on the plan) costs $20.72. And the Supplying 140 stakes cost approximately $500.

However, doubts are manifested above all in the fact that People who adopt the Optavia diet are not following. Basically, anyone can buy ready-made meals and snacks but then include other foods in the diet. In fact When deciding to improve your nutrition or lose weight, you should consult a dietitian. it regularly Visits, take measurements and weigh, and also prescribe blood tests for patients. In conclusion, taking ready meals, even if calibrated, may not work (also).

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies published in medical journals, so it does not replace the advice of a physician or specialist, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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