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Finding your €300,000 post book can really change your life. How do you do? Well, in fact, you must wish that someone in your family had forgotten about it. Postal passbook is actually one of the most popular savings methods from some time ago, even if it still keeps some posting today.

There are two stories from recent years in which reference is made to the €300,000 postal book. In both cases there is talk of “discoveries” in the family’s memory. Investments made shortly after World War II which proved to be very fruitful due to very long deposit periods. However, the Italian Post Office is working for coverage, and has introduced limits. Let’s try to better understand what we are talking about.

Postal book worth 300,000 euros

As mentioned, there are two recent cases found in local news, of a postal brochure worth around €300,000. We are talking about the discovery of a postal brochure in the province of Lecce in the amount of 250 thousand liras deposited in 1958, and another pensioner’s booklet from Casoni di Luzzara in the Modena region, 600 liras deposited in 1949. Both booklets actually amount, counting the interest, to almost From 300 thousand euros.

This news is often “provided” to the newspapers by law firms that deal with the collection. In fact, the Post Office considers these investments to be “inert” and therefore selects, which can no longer be ordered. Generally, court proceedings are long, but getting to track your amount is not impossible.

Postal Book: Here’s the book you’re looking for

If you know a mail book hidden in family savings, it can probably be useful to update the investment status. Laws have changed in recent years and provide greater protection for the custodian institution in case the saver is “forgotten.” In addition, interest on postal ledgers is now at an all-time low.

At the moment, mail books do not have a real expiration date but a kind of investment freeze in the face of a lack of processing. This means that the amount is “paused” if the brochure has not been transferred for 10 years or if their balance is less than €100. Poste Italiane provides a specific section of their site to check the status of “inactive brochures”. Owning a book that has been dormant for too long today is more of a risk than a great opportunity to make money.

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