Psychology Bonus 2022, Questions On The INPS Portal: How It Works

Remuneration for Psychologists: INPS will consider contributions requests addressed to all citizens with mental health problems caused by an epidemic or other reasons. Let’s see all the latest news together.

The Psychiatrist’s award can order directly at Electronic portal thatINPS It will be available in the coming weeks. After signing the executive decree, only instructions By the Ministry of Health about the timing of requests.

In the following article we see all the details of the new support procedure.

Psychology Bonus 2022: Waiting for Questions


will be straightINPS to manage New Psychiatrist Reward Questions. Contribution to psychological sessions can be requested directly from Electronic portal Once the application process is completed.

Once orders are submitted, an order will be prepared classification For each region based on the availability of resources for each region.

Those who will return to the ranking will be associated with cipher Through which you can access psychotherapy sessions for a period of time 180 days. At the end of that period, any unused credit or unused tokens will be completely canceled and economic resources Reset based on ranking.

Psychology Bonus 2022: How It Works

A woman visits a psychologist

The Psychiatrist’s award Italian citizens may order it with a prescription and diagnosis of discomfort and with it ISEE up to 50,000 euros.

Maximum incentive amount will be 600 EURcalculated on the basis of the applicant’s income, and will be recognized to pay for psychotherapy sessions with private specialists regularly registered in the register of psychotherapists.

Remember that the reward will target all citizens with a Mental health distress caused by the pandemicfrom restrictions and closures, from remote teaching, from smart work or any other factor.

For the year 2022, the psychiatrist’s award will benefit from a fund 10 million euros. An additional 10 million euros will be invested:

  • to strengthen child and adolescent neuropsychiatry services;
  • To enhance the care of people with mental disorders;
  • To ensure access to psychology and psychotherapy services for people who do not have a diagnosis of a mental disorder;
  • Cope with anxiety, stress and depression

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