Raul Bova, have you ever seen his twenty-year-old son? More handsome than dad

Raul Buffa and Chiara Giordano were one of the most discussed couples ever. Their love broke up after several years of marriage. But did you know that the two have a handsome and charming son? He is a lot like his father: let’s get to know him.

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Raul Bova, one of the stars of Italian cinema and beyond. He is also highly regarded abroad, thanks to his talent but also thanks to his amazing charm. But did you know that he has a beautiful son who looks a lot like him? He is more handsome than him. The young man is called Alessandro Buffa, are you ready to get to know him better? Let’s find out more.

Raul Bova and Chiara Giordano: their love

Raul Bova and Chiara Giordano have been linked to around 13 yearsHowever, after several years, the two decided to go their separate ways. the reason? The actor’s betrayal of his ex-wife, in fact, in an interview in the living room of Maurizio Costanzo revealed:

“I’ve always been so loyal that I felt like my story was ending. So I preferred not to continue having parallel stories. The problem was not to do that gesture, but not to feel loved anymore”

As you well know, two adorable babies were born of their love, and they were named Francesco and Alessandro. Separating their parents certainly wasn’t easy for them, but Raul and Chiara were able to maintain a certain balance.

But have you ever seen Alessandro Bova? He is a really charming man, once you see him you will fall in love with him: let’s get to know him better.

Who is Alessandro Bova: All about Raul Bova’s son

The class of 2000 was born in Rome on January 29th Alessandro Bova He is the eldest son of Raul Bova and Chiara Giordano. Despite being the son of one of the greatest Italian actors, he is building his future with his own strength. The

The boy devotes a lot of time to his passions, namely: lfor drawing fee. His first fan is his mother, in fact, when he first appeared at one of the exhibitions, Chiara was really excited.

Alessandro Leon Bova
Alessandro Leon Boves – Bedquotidiano.it

The relationship with his parents is wonderful. Furthermore, from the photos he posts on social media, we can’t help but notice the amazing resemblance that he has with his father. Alessandro is a very special boy, who is also very attached to his two little sisters Luna and Alma, The daughters of his father and partner, Rossio Muñoz Morales.

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