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Marina Larosa, do you remember the competitor of the first edition of Big Brother? Years later, that’s how it turned out

Marina is a TV personality born in Messina in 1977. Her participation in The first edition of the popular reality show Mediaset For her, it was a real springboard that propelled her into the world of entertainment. At the time, success went to Cristina Plevani, while La Rosa was ousted after nearly two and a half months of staying in Italy’s most spying house.

Marina La Rosa (web source)

Although she did not achieve the victory, Marina was still able to distinguish between the various contenders for that version. By his often seductive attitude He got the nickname “Jatamurta”. One of the characters she tried to seduce was the late Pietro Tarricone, who died tragically in June 2010 due to a devastating parachutist accident.

After leaving the house of GF, the forty-five-year-old Sicily has also continued her career as an actress. Between 2002 and 2003 he participated in the filming of some famous TV series, which stand out among them “Beautiful”, “A place in the sun” And only one episode, “Carabinieri”.

Marina La Rosa, this is what Jatamurta is today

In 2019, Marina joined the cast of another reality show, showcasing the 14th edition of Celebrity Island. At this turn, the win really escaped her with a light hair, having finished second behind the winner, well-known judoka Marco Madaloni.

Marina La Rosa (web source)

Also very present on social networks lately La Rosa also decided to land on TikTok. But here, through hundreds of comments, the ex-Jevina has been harshly criticized for her physical appearance. especially, Several users claimed to find her age over forty-five years old.

But with great obstinacy and a bit of sarcasm, she certainly didn’t let the woman be discouraged by the social comments, as she responded to the accusations with those words that were also reported today. I laugh because irony has always saved me. But, to be honest, I want to make this clear as well, to give more inspiration to Black Keyboard My chest has grown old, from the years that have passed and from my long care of my child. Even my small breasts are getting smaller today and not very full. I also have sagging stomachThere is no need to smash my tummy, my tummy will always be loose while my butt may stay firm but only thanks to the gym.”

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