Report Raul Bova and Rosio Munoz Morales at the station?

We’ve just seen married couple Raul Bova and Rossio Munoz Morales working together on the fictional Justice for All, which is airing on Canal 5. The harmony on set between the two is evident even if it squeaks in the private sphere and it’s mostly Raul’s fault.

What makes the beautiful and the impossible cute for everyone? The fact that they have the same weaknesses as us. This is the case of Raul Bova and Rosio Munoz Morales. The two met in 2013 when Raul was already on the path to divorce with his wife, Chiara Giordano, known at a very young age in university. From their union, two sons were born Alessandro Leon and FrancescoToday, in his twenties. Divorce wasn’t easy for Buffa for sure, considering Kiara’s mother is a famous divorcee Annamaria Bernardini Di PaceDefinitely a tough nut to crack.

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Anyway, after the divorce, the story with Rossio Immediately prove the importance of the meeting on the set immature – the journeyculminating in 2015 when they became parents to their first daughter the moon And after 3 years of the second child, Alma. Raúl has always publicly declared his love for Rossio, as happened in 2017 at the Ariston Theater during Sanremo Festival with these words:

Rossio, you have a star on your dress. I know why, why you are my sky.

Raúl Bova “Now” on the wedding with Rossio

In the last few hours, Alberto Dandolo From the pages of the site Dagosbya, mindless released that the couple had been in crisis for some time. The fault lies with Buffa who would be a rebel in getting the beautiful Spaniard wet.

They are the symbol of the perfect couple. The problem is that she can’t wait to marry him, but it’s been a good place for a long time. Talk about knowledge The crisis between the two has already lasted for a few years already Which will be hidden wisely.

In an interview about six months ago a beautyThe same problems arose, and the answers about the impending marriage diverged completely.

Rossio: I’m old fashioned. If that happens It would mean that Raul asked me correctly.

RaoulOur union is very strong. For me we are already a family. I love Rossio in front of everyone and before God every day.

Let’s say Raoul climbs up the rankings of the best “omelettes” at the moment. Let’s just hope Rocco’s patience doesn’t run out.

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