Serious accident on horseback in polo match

Harry was the protagonist of Accident in the field which could have dire consequences. Indeed, during a polo match at the Santa Barbara Club, he fell off his horse so hard that he was afraid that he would be crushed. However, Prince was seen walking off the field with his legs crossed, along with two of his dearest friends, David Foster and Catherine McPhee, apparently without at least experiencing setbacks. Meghan Markle wasn’t around with him.

Harry falls off his horse during the match

It’s been a few days since we saw Harry and Meghan Markle in London as the Dukes of Sussex’s jubilee for Queen Elizabeth, and the prince has returned to his favorite pastime, pole. For months, he’s been attending the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, near his villa Montecito. While playing Los Padres, Meg connects with her friends and charms the world with the appearance of Pretty Woman. But not this time.

Harry is back in the green jersey, but due to a risky move his horse loses his balance. The prince knocks on the ground With the risk of crushing. Fortunately, none of this happened. Looks like a medical exam wasn’t even necessary for Harry who woke up right away Without reporting serious consequences. Although the accident was a bad omen, as his team lost.

Harry in the match without Meghan Markle

according to what daily MailHarry did not care much about the incident and his team’s defeat. He was photographed still hot from the match embracing teammate Nacho Figueras’ wife, Delfina. This time Harry did not attend Meghan who may have stayed at home to take care of her children, Archie and Lilipet. But his sweetheart was able to count on the encouragement of those who first welcomed him with open arms in California, namely David Foster and his wife. The 72-year-old composer is a father figure to the Prince and has nearly replaced Charles in the role.

The couple’s closest friends claim that Harry has finally found his balance and is above all “living his dream in the States” of playing polo at a professional level. His passion for the sport was inherited from his father, Carlo, the protagonist of several accidents on the court, most recently in 2000 when he broke his arm.

Harry got it right this time. Not even scratch Despite the pictures of the fallen, it can indicate dire consequences. Meanwhile, it was learned from sources close to the palace that the Queen’s private visit to Sussex only lasted 15 minutes. Perhaps the short duration of the meeting was the real reason for the lack of photos: there was no time.

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