“Severodonesk isolated, bridges destroyed: evacuation is impossible.” A Russian cruiser spotted off the coast of Apulia – live broadcast

Kyiv: “25% of arable land has been lost”

Ukraine lost a quarter of its country arable land because ofRussian occupation In some areas in the south and east. It was announced today in Ministry Of Agriculture Ukrainian, without making up this “a security threat food “for the country. Despite the loss of 25% of arable land, the structure of crops grown this year is more than enough to ensure consumption” of the Ukrainian population, said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Taras Vysotsky.

“Severodonetsk isolated and bridges destroyed”

all three bridges Which leads to the city Severodonetsk Destroyed: This was announced by the Head of the Regional Military Administration sergey gaidi In an update of the situation in the city, which has been besieged by the Russian army for days. BBC reports it. Gaidai stated that although the file Russian forces They did not occupy the entire city bridges It leads to the city destroyedmaking it impossibleevacuation Population and freight transport. He added that the remaining residents of the city live in extremely difficult conditions, as the city is exposed to a heavy fire.

Dnipropetrovsk region, damaged resort

Enemy bombing has damaged a haven in a society Zelenodolsk from area DnipropetrovskIn the middle-east of Ukraine. Written by UkrinformHe explained that the school was bombed at night. “The situation in the Zelenodolsk community is very tense. The enemy is behaving in a rather chaotic and cruel manner ”, wrote the head of the Kryvyi Rih Military Administration, Yevhen Sychenko, in Telegram.
According to the same source, late yesterday evening, Zelenodolsk came under enemy fire, as the “invaders” bombed an apartment. One woman was killed and five wounded.

Weapons don’t come as fast as they should.

Military supplies from the West to Ukraine are not arriving “quickly”. announce it to BBC Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, yuri sakBut he noted that his government is grateful for the weapons it has received so far from Western countries.
“We are a bit worried, there is not enough understanding of the level of threat we are facing and that Europe is facing,” Sack continued, then speaking about the situation in Severodonetsk, in the eastern region of Donbass. He said that the Ukrainian army continues to protect the city “to the best of its ability”, but that it was “more efficient in repelling the enemy and clearing Ukrainian territory if it had received more heavy weapons”. He added that Russia’s military advantage is overwhelming. “On average, they shoot 50 thousand shots per day, literally means a barrage of mortars, aerial bombardments and missile attacks “and” at the moment there is not even a Ukrainian city that is not in the danger zone. He concluded that a missile attack occurred only today in one of the cities of the Chernihiv region, which is not located in eastern Ukraine.

Zelensky: “Mariupol will be released”

“In the’8th Anniversary from the release of Mariupol From the pro-Russian terrorists, we are fighting again for this city and for the whole of Ukraine. As it was then, in 2014, Mariupol will be free again. The Ukrainian flag will return there, as well as in every city and village to which the occupiers have arrived. Because this is our country and our people.” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote this on Telegram, noting the fact that in 2014 Mariupol was under the control of the militants of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic for a month.

“Loss of the nuclear industry to 40 billion hryvnia”

Since the beginning of the war it would have lived up to 40 billion Hryvnia loss of the Ukrainian nuclear industry. To reveal it according to what he transmits Ekonomicheskaya Pravda He is the president of Nnegc Energoatom, Petro Coutin. The losses mainly relate to buildings destroyed during the bombing, fires and damaged equipment at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. According to Kotin, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, electricity consumption in the country has decreased by about 40%. In April, Kotin estimated losses at 35 billion hryvnia.

In preparations for Eurovision 2023, a classified site

Ukraine began preparations forEurosivion Song Contest In 2023, though, fighting continues in the country. This was stated on his Telegram channel, Deputy Head of the Office of President Zelensky Kirill Tymoshenko. “The main issue is security – explains Tymoshenko – the Ministry of Defense and the Interior have been closely coordinated from the beginning in the preparatory work.” It is not yet possible to announce the city in which the European Singing Contest will be held. We are setting up various locations – reveals the vice president of the presidential office – but for security reasons we have not announced any of them yet. We are grateful for the support of our international partners.”

Russian dissident Yashin: “Muscovites are against the war”

most population He flies he is the opposite of the war in Ukraine. to say it Elia Yashin, one of the few Russian dissidents who are still at large and have not left the country. “I have the impression that in Moscow, opponents for war there The majority of, we just don’t notice it. The authorities control the media, we are not regulated and there is pressure from the police, so we look less. But my personal feeling is that the atmosphere in Moscow is not even close to the military atmosphere of 2014, when there were stickers on every car with the words 0Crimea are ours and St. , referring to the atmosphere after the Russian occupation of Crimea. The defector emphasizes how symbols of support for the current war appear above all in public places, but are not displayed by ordinary citizens. I see the letter Z on the facade of Ferrovia headquarters, he says, “Every evening they turn on the light in the windows to form a letter Z, but it doesn’t happen because people want it, there’s someone there who feet a ranking“.There are a few private cars bearing the letter Z, and they have police cars and corporate vehicles, but even there they follow orders,” he points out. The former deputy mayor of the Krasnoselsky Municipal District of Moscow, Yashin criticizes the war in Ukraine on social media and lives on YouTube.

‘Activist arrested over anti-war banner’

warhead Novaya Gazeta Europe And the medusa Report a Activist It was suspended due to an anonymous anti-war banner that appeared yesterday morning in He flies In Front Of The Russian Defense Ministry Headquarters. “today is not my day‘, Read the banner created for Russia Day, which was celebrated yesterday. According to the NGO Ovd-Info – Always taken from Novaya Gazeta Europe And from medusa The Russian authorities charged the activist with two administrative offenses: “disobedience For a legitimate order from a police officer andAppointment Violation of the procedure for conducting a protest action.” Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 24. The Russian government has since intensified its crackdown on dissidents, activists and independent media.

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