Shakira follows Pique and discovers the lover –

From Salvatore Reggio

The 20-year-old works in a Catalan restaurant. The singer discovered the connection between the two – not an adventure – thanks to a detective agency

New details emerge about the end of a love affair, which lasted for more than a decade, between Gerard Picot, Barcelona defender and entrepreneur, and Shakira, who discovered his infidelity with a younger woman (20-22 years). She was said to have been a student, then a hostess, and finally a waitress), so she would have turned to the detective agency when she began to guess that her husband had something to hide.

And here, by stalking, Shakira had evidence of her partner’s infidelity, Father of his two children Milan and Sasha. Pictures documenting the betrayal are now in Shakira’s hands. The Catalan girl is just over 20 years old, and she could have met a waitress and the two A local in town, La Traviesawhere you work.

Discover it, a Shakira Obviously the world collapsed on him. and decided Cut all kinds of ties with pico. The story, according to the Colombian singer, is now irretrievable because what she discovered made her understand that it was not an escape, but something more serious.

You are my first lady, the Barcelona defender would have said, according to Spanish media, to the 20-year-old. After announcing the end of their love a few days ago (Saturday, June 4th), it is difficult for the two to meet again. The lawyers involved are now on the field.

The spouses must come to an agreement regarding the two children, about the house of residence, and even if they have never married, on other matters relating to certain investments. TheMeanwhile, Shakira’s anger and the end of love remained, which impressed many fans in Spain. As well as many photographers. However, they will now focus on others.

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