Starfield, gameplay video at Xbox & Bethesda Game Show –

starfield It was shown with video From Play to meXbox and Bethesda Games Gallery. This is clearly the first time we’ve seen a Bethesda game in action.

The sequences reveal the use of a mixed, first- and third-person view, as our character explores an alien planet, analyzes scenario elements and arrives at what appears to be an abandoned station, then enters combat mode.

In fact, the structure appears to be under the control of a group of hostile explorers, so a long sequence begins where the protagonist takes an assault rifle, makes his way through the station’s hallways and shoots.

Starfield, combat sequence

The second sequence takes us to the city of New Atlantis, which is clearly one of the main hubs of Starfield, where we will be able to explore the scenario and interact with a group of characters that promise to be very rich.

The feeling that came back through playing is kind of mass effect Less futuristic, focusing on the plausibility of technologies but important narrative implications that will lead us throughout the space.

The video also shows a fileeditor For characters that promise absolute freedom to organize the various aspects of our hero, even his character and skills, with depth and multifacetedness. skill system At the same time Technologies to develop it.

Starfield editor spaceship

Starfield editor spaceship

That’s not all: the game will include a mechanism for building the bases and the ship, selecting the crew and customizing each component of the spacecraft to give it the look we want and the technical characteristics.

We will then be able to command the ship, actually travel from one planet to another and even come into conflict with hostile units, again alternating between first and third person views to give life to very amazing battles.

Finally, a glimpse was given of the size of the Starfield, which it will include More than a thousand planets to explore. In short, it will be a rather rich and demanding experience, but when will you come out? For now, the launch window remains set to 2023.

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