The bite of this insect found in gardens and plants can lead to serious diseases if not treated quickly

If we have animals, we certainly do not lack adventures with pesky insects. We often deal with parasites, which can cause us various problems. Especially in the summer, when we are more likely to spend our days in the garden or in the garden. Among these annoying animals, we find ticks that invade plants and shrubs in summer.

Ticks bite the victim’s skin to attach themselves. Even if we do not feel pain and these insects are not dangerous in themselves, these insects may be carriers of more serious diseases. It is therefore essential to understand how to protect yourself and treatments in case we are a victim of a tick.

The bite of this insect found in gardens and plants can lead to serious diseases if not treated quickly

We first need to understand where they are most commonly found. The cool, humid climate is their preferred choice, especially during the summer. So we have to pay attention to meadows, pastures, stables and outdoor kennels for dogs and cats. This is not only for the ideal temperatures, but also because there are animals that feed on them.

However, there are some rules that can help prevent tick bites. We wear hats, long pants, and boots if we venture into places where these insects might be found. Light-colored clothing can also be useful, as it immediately highlights the presence of the parasite. We avoid going to areas where vegetation is very high and dense, especially if we have animals with us. Always remember to protect it with appropriate repellents.

We carefully check the skin after walking to make sure we don’t get stung. Especially the head, neck and back of the knees. It is also highly recommended that you clean your clothes before entering the house.

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However, if we realize that we have been bitten, there is no need to worry. With simple and quick steps we can treat the sting without repercussions. We first disinfect the affected area with an antiseptic. Next we try to catch the tick as close to the skin as possible, pull it out and make a steady rotation. We can use fine tip tweezers. As soon as the insect is extracted, we disinfect again and burn the tick. There are also specific extracts on the market, in case we come into contact a lot with this animal. After the tick is extracted, we need to keep the situation under control for at least 30 days. We report any signs of infection such as fever or swollen lymph nodes to the doctor.

Ticks are generally not dangerous. However, the bite of this insect can worsen and become infected, exacerbating diseases. For example, among these we find Lyme disease. It is considered one of the most dangerous, as it can affect the organs through the blood. It manifests itself as a red spot near the bite, which tends to become larger and larger. That is why we should always be careful after walking outdoors.

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