The dialogues are in first person and the character has no voice, it’s official –

Via Twitter, Bethesda confirmed it inside starfield Our characters won’t have any dubbing. In addition, the dialogues will be conducted in first person.

This is not great news for BethesdaEspecially with regard to the lack of dubbing. We also remember that even if the dialogues will be in the first person, this does not mean that it will not be possible to play with the third person.

In our recent preview, we told you: “Honestly, the overall impression we got of Starfield is really excellent, for the reasons expressed in the article. However, the only real doubts are about the dimensions, ie: will they be able to clean up a ‘very massive work?'” Looking at all the systems you’re integrating, you understand why there’s such a long development cycle and why it’s been delayed.”

In addition, it may be possible to visit Earth according to fans – our planetary system is actually in the Starfield video game.

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