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Some researchers found Argentina largest species pterodactyl It is not found in South America. nickname “Dragon of Death” Paleontologists discovered this type of “winged lizard” in the province of Mendoza, about 800 km from the homonymous capital. Researchers found two types of giant flying reptiles: wingspans of about 7 and 9 meters, respectively.

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According to paleontologists, these are specimens belonging to the family of pterosaurs that lived in the Cretaceous period, between 146 and 66 million years ago. These specimens are known for their specimens . said Ortiz David, lead author of the new study very big skullsand sometimes more so than for bodies that were short and strong, and also for especially long necks.” Researchers have determined that two of the found pterosaurs died at the same time and one was not fully grown: it cannot be said with certainty that they were part of a family group .

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Ortiz-David added: “It can be confirmed that they are of different sizes and that they were together when they died more than 86 million years ago.” The “dragons of death” were found during excavations of a civilian construction project. David Ortiz and his team were supervising the work when they discovered the fossil fragments – this area is well known among paleontologists for other important discoveries related to dinosaurs.

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