“The game I’ve always wanted to play”

It was up in the air, but now it’s officially: “Mr.” Hideo Kojima Confirmed once and for all that it’s working on a platform game X-Box.

While nothing appears at all, at least the surname, father death strand (which you can buy on Amazon at an affordable price) definitely made the fan antennas stand out with their (short) ad.

“Sara The game I’ve always wanted to playThe father of Solid Snake explained. “This will only be possible thanks to the technologies made available by Microsoft. I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Unfortunately, after nothing else has been revealed, it is impossible to tell if this is a rumor overdosewhich was leaked a few days ago but nothing is known about it, except that it probably is horror.

In the past few years, the historical Japanese author has ended up amid multiple rumors about his future, also related to Xbox: among the many rumors, the one written by its author Death Stranding exit cut Working on unspecified is exclusive to Microsoft console, which seems to be there already.

Rumors started circulating as of April 2021, after a reporter close to Xbox said he was convinced of their collaboration thanks to Manual issued by Phil Spencer. Below, an Xbox tweet posted a few minutes ago.

Xbox Game Studios and Kojima Productions are teaming up to create an Xbox video game that no one has ever played before, Take advantage of the cloud.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most creative minds in our industry and we can’t wait to share what our teams will create.

PlayStation fans did not take this news very well at all, pointing out how the process would be “betrayal» Against Sony users.

I remember, however, that a hadith is a word Norman Reedusthe actor who plays Sam Porter Bridges, hinted that the star is currently working on the second installment of death strandalthough confirmations of the case are missing.

Kojima himself immediately (in his own way) responded to the bombshell with a very, very private tweet.

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