The natural front of the Seversky Donets River, the ‘Ukrainian Piaf’ used to slow the Russian march-

British intelligence went so far as to write that the fate of the conflict would be decided by the Battle of the River on a 90-kilometre axis.

Captain Andrei Ivanov, company commander of the Marine Corps, was awarded the title Hero of Russia. to memory. The officer who fell while crossing the Siverskiy Donets in Donbass. The episode recalls the engagement that took place in early May in the Belhorivka sector, when A similar operation cost the invaders hundreds of deaths. Ford became a trap because opposition intelligence anticipated the moves and the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not properly consider the plan. Now the scenario is repeated at several points with The river in the role of a trench, a natural stopping line The Ukrainians are trying to slow down Putin’s push.

The watercourse plays this role in Severodonetsk Because it separates the region from Lysychansk: Ukrainian artillery is witnessed here, controlled by Russian artillery. The last bridge that allowed supplies to cross was destroyed Only one was left standing, damaged and unsuitable for heavy traffic. To the north of Sloviansk, the invaders in recent days tried to cross Siverkiy in different areas, but left the men and chariots on the ground. The army is looking for the easiest banks to rest the mobile helicopters Trucking: These are complex maneuvers that do not go unnoticed, the stakes are high.

Surely they will try leaks, they will disturb the drones with electronic systems, they will send commandos, but as soon as they get to the other side They should be able to protect the bridgehead. A role assigned to aviation (when it is able to operate) and above all to long-calibers, to a barrage of missiles capable of Destroy a triangle of earth with hundreds of explosions Within a few minutes.

Zedko and Dvornikov, the two generals who led the offensive, are aware of the costs. along with Repeated attempts to leave North Severodonetsk In fact, they are trying to advance from the south of the Popasna area. encirclement maneuver Avoid crossing what appears to have become a kind of Ukrainian piaf. British intelligence – always aligned in favor of Kyiv – goes so far as to write that the fate of the conflict will be determined by the Battle of the River on a 90-kilometer axis: the Tsar’s forces cross or overtake the stronghold.

Conflict flourishes in stages, with intermediate victories and defeats: That’s why many invite you to wait the next few weeks before imbalance. Views change based on what is happening on the ground. At the beginning of the special operation, Western analysts predicted that the march was faster than Russia, they argued The defenders were to be stationed in the far west, on the bank of the DniproIn principle, it was considered the western boundary to which Russian forces could head. This is to avoid falling into a vice. On the other hand, the pace of the attackers became slow. With a schedule conditioned on heavy losses, logistical problems and – obviously – resistance to opponents.

Putin shuffles the cards, Attack map redesign, made the battalions concentrated in a short period. Zelensky did not order a retreat, but accepted the duel with a lesser arsenal. The Russian is like a boxer with a longer and heavier arm, it doesn’t matter if he’s accurate in taking shots. The important thing is to exhaust the enemies who complain Three gaps: Alternatives are not well trained (no time to do this), Western warfare systems are not all available yet and many are incinerated in warehouses even before use, and ammo is scarce.

Show pictures on the web Tanks rest on ramps to fire indirect fire and recoilless cannons, designed for direct fire, is used almost as if it were a mortar. Adaptations certainly cannot reduce the disproportionate forces, and Kyiv reconfirms them every second. One of Zelensky’s advisors noted that, To end the war, heavy weapons must be equalisedHe posted on Twitter an order that includes 1,000 pieces of 155mm caliber, 500 tanks, and 300 long-range rocket launchers, which he hopes will be examined at the NATO meeting on June 15. Unreachable numbers.

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