There are a lot of Tesla cars that can’t be recharged for free for hours in supermarkets

A Tesla is charging at Esselunga di Pioltello, via San Francisco (Photo: Chargemap).

Many Tesla charges charge for hours and hours in supermarkets for free. Enrico, the Lombard reader, reports this. And not just Tesla: also other luxury electric cars …

Lots of Tesla to reload for freeThere are a lot of Tesla cars that can’t be recharged for free (they use an electric scooter…)

“sI am a 72-year-old retired electric car owner BMW i3I have a recharge card with Be in charge. I must admit that Tesla recharges its energy everywhere. But I would like to add that Many Tesla customers, as well as from Porsche, Audi, BMW etc., abuse packs are provided for limited periods and For customers only from supermarkets. Who provides this service to those who make purchases! Facts in the municipalities of LombardBrescia, Milan and Monza Etc.) It turns out that many owners of these cars exceed their cost 80 thousand euros (Porsche more than double), take advantage of 4-5 hours of parking in these designated spots. Then go to work nearby, maybe walk away with a electric scooter! I think this charging points philosophy is customer preference, not scam customers who have also slashed charging rates, like Tesla and other brands!“.

Lots of Tesla cars to recharge for freeThey should top it while shopping and instead…

They should help topping higher, while shopping. What I write finds documented evidence in long S (Pioltello, Washington), with pictures and warnings addressed to these characters. I have photographic documents. In addition to the exhibition in Esselunga Pioltello of the occupation More than 4 hours from U.S Jaguar Suv one electric Tesla In Milan, Washington, which occupied the area of ​​shipment of the disabled! I hope the civilization of those who choose not to be polluted will not be distortedFew of ACCATTONI, I enjoy introducing them this way as I do with a disability! They have apps that say and communicate, so they shut down after 2 hours. receipt up to 80% boycott, Cars suck less, and give everyone a chance to refill! I don’t think you’ll post, I have nothing against car brands. But it seems to me that these cunning ones have been unleashed in Peschiera Reaction to the abuse of the occupation: If it leads to indignation, do not complain!“. Enrico Cole, Lissoni

Too many Tesla cars can't be shipped for free
Lidl also offers free refills at its supermarkets.

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to reply. the ring The omen that Enrico is referring to, it happened a month ago. A woman left her electric car charging in Free led column. When the husband went to retrieve the car, a few hours later, she found the tires torn and found a note on the windshield: “thanks for Column occupied for 4 hours or more, with an illegible signature. Obviously the incident must be condemned, no one can do justice to himself, admitting and not conceding that the saboteur in question was right. However, it is true that reports Improper use of free columns Supermarkets come to us more and more. People often find ways to Park and ship for free At the same time, while doing something completely different from another part. The only way to dissuade them, if you want to continue offering a free service, is to put a stop. After an hour, enough time to shop and more Charging stops The car must be moved. Instead, Forced removal.


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