“They stole very valuable clothes and unrepeatable items”

Alba Baretti victim thieves. And several times in the past few months. So much so that the showgirl could no longer contain her anger and took a breather with a long post on social media after she watched some of her finest pieces disappear from her Milan villa. closet. Economic value of course, but it also has sentimental value: “Very important clothes, like Versace (the ones I celebrated my birthday last year), Jimmy Choo shoes, historical clothes, important memories to me, bags, and timeless pieces.”

But for now, Paretti decided not to complain: “I felt a little irritated when I found out that the most important pieces had been pulled, I also thought of filing a complaint and then realized that every time I thought I was going to go I got angry to do it. And because the thefts were repeated over time. , the most important pieces of clothing have been taken. I forgive, forgive me, because all this life has given me. Condemning the person or people I think they might have been – Connect with Showgirl – means surrendering, even for a few minutes, to the state of grace and serenity in which I live. For those who deprive me of things, memories, and clothes, I am content to wear them even though they are not theirs.”

Reply to criticism

Finally, there is also room to respond to criticism in recent weeks on social media: “There is nothing more to steal. However, there are 10 cameras. And to those who criticize the fact that I have a maid, I would say that this is a very respectable business if you do not force anyone to deceive themselves. This is definitely not the case. I pay people well and respect them, and they reciprocate me with great professionalism, because work is never humiliating if it is done seriously and paid for a duty. I blame those who pay the workers three euros an hour, and I am not the one who organizes my workers for 14 months and pays them what they are worth. Then maybe, if you have time between one evil and another, have a life. Thanks every day to those who love me and follow me knowing that everything I have I deserve including my rediscovered love.”

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