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From Paolo Fushi

During the first week of the war, the boy launched his drone to collect information about the Russian forces and pass it on to the Kyiv armed forces.

Like David against Goliath. Small drone against Russian armored columns. He is fifteen years old and his father against the Moscow army. It’s the extraordinary story that journalist John Lister told AP. Ukrainians André Bokrasa, 15 years oldand his father StanislavIn the early days of the Russian conquest, she was among the many examples of how the local population contributed to the resistance by temporary means or using previously purchased drones for completely different purposes. When the two heard columns of enemy soldiers approaching, they shot into the air Their little planeTake pictures of a bird’s eye The armored column is moving towards Kyiv They determined the coordinates, and soon sent the valuable information to the Ukrainian army. Within minutes, artillery batteries struck the invading forces, with devastating effects.

For a whole week, after the February 24 invasion, the father and son carried out frequent overflights with their drone, endangering their physical safety. “It was one of the scariest moments of my lifeAndre said while showing off his skills as a pilot to a team of Associated Press reporters. “We provided the photos and the location to the armed forces, they narrowed down the coordinates with greater accuracy and transmitted them via a walkie-talkie, in order to organize the artillery bombardment,” he added. The boy is driving the drone. “I can operate the drone, but my son does it better. We decided right away that he wouldStanislav, 41, explained. They are unsure how many Russian targets have been destroyed thanks to the information gathered with their tiny drone. But they saw the devastation inflicted on the Russian convoy when it later flew a drone over the charred bodies of trucks and tanks near the western city of Kyiv and off a strategically important highway leading to the capital.

“There was more than one 20 Russian military vehicles destroyed, including fuel trucks and tanks. While Russian and Ukrainian forces fought fiercely for control of the suburbs of Kyiv, Ukrainian soldiers finally urged the Pokrassa family to leave their village, which was later occupied by Russian forces. They returned a few weeks ago after the withdrawal of Russian forces to the east.

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