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Each year, analyzes on the reputation and quality of brands are revealed, and this time the emotional connection with consumers is measured by analyzing 2.6 billion conversations per year.

June 13, 2022

to meBrilia is the most popular brand in Italy in 2022. The annual ranking says so Love Brands 2022 From Talkwalkerhas identified the world’s number one consumer intelligence platform.

Aprilia brand is followed by Abarth In second place, from Illy to third place, then by many famous fashion brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Gucci. It ranks fifth in the ranking Zoomwhich the Italians learned about during the difficult months of the epidemic; Top10 is completed by two famous foreign brands that are obviously finding space in the heart of Italians, IKEA and LEGO.

It was also confirmed that Illy also took an unusual second place in the Love Brands universe, the best result ever for a tricolor brand. Followed by Illy Asics (1st place) and ahead of major brands such as Jimmy Choo (7th), MUJI (10), Bosch (19), Palmolive (20), Lancome (21), Nescafe (22), L’Oreal (29), adidas ( 45) Apple, (47). To find other Italian brands in the world ranking, you have to scroll down to the 23rd place where Dolce & Gabbana is located; Missoni is 32 and Alfa Romeo is 36.

c.How was the search done? Using Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence acceleration platform which, along with Hootsuiteshe has They analyzed 1,500 brands in different countries of the world, totaling 2.6 billion conversations (from July 2021 to March 2022) on social media, news, blogs, forums and other interaction channels. Love Brands measures the ability and dedication of brands to establish a true emotional connection with their customers and, at the end of the process, has produced the Top50 rankings and the top ten rankings of countries, including Italy, in which it was revealed.

Sarah. Naturally It is our pride that Aprilia is the most popular brand in Italy in 2022. After all, we know very well How much affection has always surrounded the Noale brand: We get tons of views (and lots of comments pouring in!) when product testing includes an Aprilia model, as well as AfterGP episode flicks fly when Aprilia wins or goes to the podium.

All this too much wonderful and wonderful. Two and six billion conversations were analyzed in one year! Here we find and measure the emotional relationship between the brand and consumers! But one wonders: What happened to brands like Ferrari or Ducati, which in recent years has dominated similar ratings? It is remarkable that after a year or two, these brands may not only lose many positions, but also disappear. Some doubts arise. In Aprilia call to enjoy the moment.

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