Ukraine: Lugansk will fall soon, civilians flee from Azot – the world

Russia is making its supremacy in men and means weighted in the field and in a few weeks it can successfully finish the offensive in Lugansk. The prediction came from the Americans, as the invading army continued to target Severodonetsk Destroy its bridges to isolate the city. Ukrainians are fighting back in the industrial zone and at the Azot plant, but the danger to hundreds of civilians refugees inside is very high, after a fire caused by a raid. Some of them, according to the pro-Russian separatists, managed to escape.

Putin’s army also returned to strike the west of the country to destroy military supplies. And caused dozens of injuries. During another bloody battle in the ruins of Severodonetsk (in which a former British soldier was killed on the side of Kyiv), the Ukrainian governor Sergey Gaidai said that the defenders “predominate in street clashes”, however, “the enemy’s artillery remains.” Bulldozing all the buildings that our forces used to hide in the ground.”

An unequal battle, then, as confirmed by British intelligence. It is possible that the Russians – based in London – are preparing to deploy the 3rd Battalion of some combat formations, while only two battalions are participating at the same time. Azot plant, following the Russian raid that caused a massive fire. The status of the approximately 800 civilians hiding inside is uncertain. According to the Moscow envoy in Lugansk, Rodion Miroshnik, some began to leave the complex, from a corridor not controlled by the Ukrainians, “saved by the Allied forces.”

However, no confirmation came from Kyiv. The separatists also said they did not want to storm the factory, but demanded “the Ukrainian forces inside to surrender”. The goal of the Russians, according to local Ukrainian authorities, is to press hard for the capture of Severodonetsk within the next few days, and with this in mind, they are destroying all bridges to cut off the supply of men and weapons. And US defense sources confirmed that the surrender of the city with Lysichansk seems imminent. And after the conclusion of the Luhansk match, the Donetsk match will open. The first target along the line of progress is Bakhmut, where echoes of shelling have been heard regularly for days.

Kramatorsk, the largest city in the region, is also in sight. In addition to the Donbass, the Russians continue to pressure the Ukrainians high in the rest of the country as well. Cruise missiles struck in the west, in Chortkev, 140 km from the Romanian border. The target, according to Moscow, was an arms depot supplied by the Americans and Europeans. But in the raid, Kyiv reported, 22 were wounded. In the occupied areas on the coast, Putin’s army continued demining operations in Mariupol, declaring that the entire beach, as well as the port, was again safe. As for the defenders, President Volodymyr Zelensky declared that his troops “gradually liberated the Kherson lands” and that “advance was made in the Zaporizhzhya region.” The Ukrainian leader said in his last video message that no one knows how long the conflict will last, but he claimed that his men have exceeded all expectations so far, preventing the Russians from invading all of eastern Ukraine. “It is already the 108th day of the war, it is already June, and we are resisting,” he emphasized. While the Pope, in Sunday prayer, again addressed his thoughts to “the afflicted Ukrainian population”. – Launching an appeal “not to get used to this tragic reality and to keep it in our hearts always. Let us pray and struggle for peace.”

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